Dacia Jogger Sleep Pack : Cheapest Campervan Revealed

Dacia Jogger Sleep Pack : Cheapest Campervan Revealed

Dacia Stepcamper revealed. The vast array of options available in the motorhome industry conspicuously lacks affordable models. However, considering the possibility of Dacia entering the realm of van life presents an intriguing prospect. Our proposal revolves around the concept of a Dacia Stepcamper, designed to cater to this niche market. What are your thoughts on this venture?

Undoubtedly, venturing into the “van life” sector from a low-cost standpoint would be a logical and pragmatic move. In essence, Dacia could seize this lucrative opportunity by introducing a larger counterpart to the Jogger model.

Specifically, this variant would be equipped with the Sleep pack, an optional package (priced between €1,490 and €1,790) that transforms the vehicle into a motorhome with sleeping accommodations for two individuals. Additionally, a tent would serve as an access lock, further enhancing the functionality and convenience of the setup.


A robust grille in the "SUV" spirit of the brand's latest creations and a few touches of coppery brown like the Extreme finish and you're done.


The big brother of the Jogger Pack Sleep

The foundational framework has already been established with Renault Traffic. Consequently, similar to the successful collaboration between Renault Duster and Dacia Duster, a mere modification of the van’s front fascia to incorporate the distinctive Renault emblem would seamlessly integrate the new brand identity of the Romanian company.

This Dacia van would then serve as an impeccable complement to the luxurious Renault Trafic SpaceNomad, positioned at the upper echelon of the product range, targeting discerning customers who appreciate its retractable roof and sophisticated presentation, thereby rivaling the esteemed Volkswagen California and Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo.

This Dacia “Stepcamper” would primarily emphasize an adventurous aesthetic, featuring enhanced ground clearance and robust tires capable of traversing unpaved terrain without hesitation. If deemed necessary, it is indeed feasible to incorporate the all-wheel drive system available in select versions of the Renault Traffic, as it is readily accessible. While currently a virtual endeavor, there is no limit to the potential of transforming this concept into a tangible reality under the auspices of Dacia.

An XXL sleep pack

The bed of the Dacia Jogger pack Sleep.

In order to align with the prevailing “SUV” van ideology and stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends embraced by Dacia, it would be prudent to introduce a khaki lacquer-coated attire, tastefully embellished with subtle accents of coppery brown on the external mirror casings as well as on the DC logos adorning the underbody.

This approach could seamlessly integrate with the newly introduced Extreme trim, extending its application across the entire lineup. Within the van’s interior, one can envision a detachable ensemble akin to the aforementioned offering in the Jogger model, albeit with increased headroom and more aesthetically pleasing living areas. What are your thoughts on this proposition?

With the introduction of the Extreme finish, Dacia now offers a “camping” option for the Jogger model, allowing it to be transformed into a fully functional sleeping area.

As part of the brand’s visual identity change, Dacia has shifted its communication towards outdoor activities and adventure, concepts that have already been well-established with the Dacia Duster 4×4 and are now associated with the Dacia Jogger. The Jogger, being a spacious vehicle, is ideal for accommodating camping equipment or serving as a sleeping space.

Dacia has announced the inclusion of the Sleep Pack in their accessory range, specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts. However, it should be noted that this option comes at a considerable cost, especially since the tent is not included by default in the pack. There are alternative options available that are cheaper and offer similar practicality, although the Sleep Pack is undoubtedly customized specifically for the Dacia Jogger.

The Dacia Jogger Sleep Pack is designed to be easily deployed in just two minutes on the vehicle. However, it does significantly reduce the available trunk space. The pack, priced at €1,490 when ordered with the vehicle (or €1,790 for installation after purchase), includes a versatile 3-in-1 box that serves as a dining table and a bed for two, complete with a box spring measuring 190×130 cm.

Additionally, to obtain the large tent that extends from the tailgate of the Dacia Jogger, extra expenses will need to be incurred. This makes the total cost almost €2,000, which is quite steep considering that a high-quality roof tent providing similar sleeping space can be obtained at a comparable price.

For instance, the renowned manufacturer SwissKing offers three different sizes of roof tents (140 cm, 160 cm, and 190 cm wide) at lower prices: €999, €1,199, and €1,599, respectively. At these prices, customers can enjoy ample space, superior materials (likely superior to those of Dacia’s tent), and equipment that can be easily resold at a good price in the second-hand market while retaining its value.

Another advantage of this type of installation is that it does not intrude upon the trunk volume. Unlike Dacia’s kit, which occupies space within the vehicle, roof tents allow for the full utilization of the Jogger’s cargo area, which is reduced to a mere 220 liters with the Dacia Sleep Pack installed.

It should also be noted that roof tents may not be compatible with all vehicles, and when folded, they can create significant wind resistance similar to that of a large roof box. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the Dacia pack includes a mattress, whereas roof tents often do not provide one as a standard feature.

Ultimately, the choice between the two options will depend on the customer’s budget, preferred configuration, and the desire to preserve trunk space.