Dacia Jogger – we know the price.  Cheap car with LPG for 7 people

Dacia Jogger – we know the price. Cheap car with LPG for 7 people

Dacia announces that the Jogger combines the length of a station wagon, the width of a station wagon and off-road capability worthy of an SUV, and can be used by up to seven people. The car is 4.55 m long and its wheelbase is 2.90 m. In the back of the cabin there is a folding sofa for 3 / 3-1 / 3 seats (in the second row) and two folding chairs that can be removed individually. (in the third row). The distance from the seats to the roof and the amount of knee room in the third row of seats are intended to ensure that the last row will provide two adults with a comfortable travel experience. Maximum cargo volume (with all rear seats folded) is 1,819 VDA litres.

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Dacia Jogger – price

Engine the number of seats IMPORTANT COMFORT SL RENEW
TCE 100 LPG 5 seats PLN 63,400 PLN 71,400 PLN 75,400
TCE 110 5 seats PLN 65,400 PLN 73,400 PLN 77,400
TCE 100 LPG 7 seats PLN 66,400 PLN 74,400 PLN 78,400
TCE 110 7 seats PLN 68,400 PLN 76,400 PLN 80,400

Dacia Jogger – engine

Customers will be able to choose between two engine versions: the TCe 110 petrol engine or the TCe 100 LPG dual-fuel engine. A hybrid version will also appear in 2023.

How long is Dacia waiting for him?

We’ve recently looked at the waiting times for new cars from popular manufacturers. To the delight of those waiting for a new Dacia model, we report that the Romanian manufacturer does not see many problems with the availability of cars. For example, Duster can be picked up in March next year, but in the case of Sandero, we will leave the showroom with a new car maybe in January 2022 (in December this year for the Sandero Stepway version). In addition, the information found in the showroom of the brand shows that there is now a six-month price guarantee, so even in the case of individually designed cars, which should be available at the end of March 2022 at the latest, we should not be. not happy with the need for additional payment.