Dacia one of the top three brands in France!  Great success of the Renault group |  French.pl

Dacia one of the top three brands in France! Great success of the Renault group | French.pl

Dacia is one of the three most popular brands in France! After a very successful 2023, it is strengthening its position and increasing sales with the expectation of more. Groupe Renault has reasons to be satisfied.

In the context of the 16.1% growth in the passenger car market, Dacia continues its expansion (+19.5%), with a passenger car market share of 8.8%, an increase of 0.3 percentage points compared to 2022.

Almost every tenth passenger car sold in France in 2023 will be a Dacia.

In 2022, for the first time in its history, Dacia took the 3rd place in the passenger car market, with a profit of less than 1,000 units over the 4th place. In 2023, Dacia will strengthen its position on the 3rd stage of the platform, and management of more than 30,000 units.

A variety of four leading products that get the best results

Dacia’s performance in France is based on 4 products, all of which are leaders in their categories:

  • Dacia Sandero is the best-selling private car across all segments for the eighth year in a row. In 2023, Sandero will record 69,106 registrations.
  • Dacia Duster is the best-selling SUV for private customers. This unique model has reached the milestone of 500,000 registrations in France, including 32,625 in 2023.
  • Dacia Spring it is the best-selling electric car for private customers, with nearly 30,000 units sold. Electric packages account for 16.8% of registrations in France, with Dacia ahead of the competition by selling 19% of its electric cars. Available with ELECTRIC 45 and ELECTRIC 65 engines, Spring will be revised in 2024 to continue to meet customer needs.
  • In its first full year on the market Dacia Jogger confirmed its position as the best-selling C-segment car for private customers, with 24,888 registrations. The Hybrid 140 variant, which will soon be available on the new Duster, attracts 30% of the Jogger’s customers.

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Dacia is also the only manufacturer to offer both petrol and LPG engines across its entire combustion engine range. In 2019, LPG sales accounted for more than 1% of Dacia’s sales. Currently, the ECO-G 100 engine accounts for more than a third of sales in the range.

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“In 2023, Dacia continued to grow in France, taking the leading position in the passenger car segment, consolidating its 3rd position on the passenger car platform and welcoming more than one million customers in its workshops. In 2024, we will renew two leading models class: Duster and Spring. – comments Thomas Dubruel, sales manager of the Dacia brand in France.

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