Dacia promotes its cars with a series of videos On the Road to Important |  French.pl

Dacia promotes its cars with a series of videos On the Road to Important | French.pl

Dacia Duster is the car in which the hero of the small series travels around Belgium, promoting a return to basic values ​​and the simple joys of life.

In a world where ambiguity and ambiguity reign, Publicis Groupe and Dacia want to remind Belgians of the way to what is most important. With the limited series “The Way to Matter”, the car brand wants to encourage people to re-appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

It seems that the Belgians have a natural affinity for what is most important. As a result, Dacia says, they would also keep their brand close to returning to the mindset of people finding happiness in the little things in life.

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In the mini-series “On the Road to Important”, traveler Dorien Draps travels across Belgium at the wheel of a Dacia Duster. His goal: to get closer to what is most important to him. After starting her career in an advertising agency, Dorien decided to turn her natural passion into a career.

In 2019, he launched the blog and podcast “On Hike”, completely dedicated to hikers, with more than 36,000 followers on social networks. In 2023, the outdoor activist also published his own book: “10 Life Lessons from a Hiker.”

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Unlike the usual car brand stories, the mini-series “On Road to the Essential” takes what it says is an entertaining approach in which the journey itself is the hero of the story. Dorien discovers the hidden gems of Belgium, gradually discovering new sides of her. Meanwhile, the first two episodes can be seen on YouTube and Dorien’s Travelogue can also be found on dacia.be.

source: Dacia Belgium

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