Dacia says it directly: we are the brand most ready to fight Chinese cars |  French.pl

Dacia says it directly: we are the brand most ready to fight Chinese cars | French.pl

Dacia is not afraid of competition from China. He believes that competition in the car market is for the benefit of customers. The brand is also well prepared to fight the market.

“We are the brand most ready to fight Chinese cars,” Dacia vice president Xavier Martinet says. There are reasons to believe so, because the promotion strategy involves creating value for customers where others do not see it or cannot create it.

Dacia is selling very well today and the sales growth trends could be impressive. Starting with simple, inexpensive cars costing several thousand euros, over the course of 20 years the brand has managed to create a full range that is the best-selling on the market. This does not mean that it does not see threats and does not feel competition, but today it is Dacia that seems to be more ready for them. There are several reasons for this.

The range of engines includes hybrid, petrol and LPG factory drives. This means that anyone looking for a solution in a popular segment can find something here, and for customers who value the lowest running costs, autogas will be the best choice. In the case of Dacia, it is fully integrated with the car, including an on-board computer readout.

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Dacia also offers a variety of bodies – including stylish ones like the SUV, but also practical ones like the 7-seater Jogger. In the latter case, there is currently no competition and sales of this model are constantly growing. Cars are offered in B and C classes, and the Bigster will soon appear in the C/D segment.

It is also a very important element of Dacia’s strategy high residual value, here the brand can boast better results than Toyota. This is the result of the lack of discounts and strict monitoring of the sales price and customer portfolio. This means that the sale of a used Dacia after its working life brings a higher percentage than in many competing companies.

Dacia offers a five-year warranty and currently is running a pilot program in France with a seven-year guarantee. This is also an important point. Therefore, it can be concluded that the preparation of the brand to fight for the market is very good. And what will be the result? We will see soon.

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