Dacia, the advantage of which is the school

Dacia, the advantage of which is the school

Growing sales in the face of a shrinking market, models moving on the market and the semiconductor crisis with less impact than on its competitors: Dacia sees life in pink, and its success story for a low-cost brand is taken as an example!

The third brand in France in 2022 behind Peugeot and Renault, Dacia, with 130,855 registrations, is committed market share of 15.46%. In fact, the Sandero was the second best-selling car in France behind the Peugeot 208, with 64,293 units! The low-cost brand of the Renault group chain performance and it is certainly increasing with us and with our European neighbors. Since 2021 and the Renaulution program, several new features have come out, starting with Electric Dacia Spring and crossover/station wagon Jogger. Not to forget tall The biggest SUV scheduled for 2024. Dacia has also stepped up the market, with the adoption of a new logo, original in 2022.

Dacia conquering Europe

But this success was not only achieved in France! In Europe, it has already won a market share of 4.2%, ie 0.7 points more than in 2021! With 573,800 vehicles registered, it is one of the rare brands to have progress (+6.8%). The Sandero therefore it was the second best seller in Belgium and Spain ! If we look at the European results of the Renault group, Dacia is pulling it. With two million registered vehicles, the brand weighs in at more than 25% of group sales ! But how to explain this success? The decline in the car market in 2022 is largely due to a shortage of chips that has reduced production, and therefore registrations. But for Dacia, whose on-board electronics are less compared to its general competitors, the cars managed leave the factory quickly. It’s more than that feat the brand has increased its prices by an average of 10% in 2022!

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Well refined engineering

But that also translates Dacia’s best health, is its origin as a low-cost manufacturer. The brand has managed in less than twenty years to be profit champion. Where Fiat, Volkswagen (including Jetta), Nissan (along with Datsun) or even GM cut teeth, Renault is one of the rare manufacturers that has tried and succeeded in its low-cost brand bet. How? The Dacia models are lighter, with fewer quarters compared to Renaults. Guaranteed cost savings! The actual design of the models is done with common parts: Jogger reuses for example 60% Dacia Sandero parts, which have already been reduced. Dacia models, as we said, also carry under electricity and recommend limited customization options. A trick that allows patterns to emerge fast from the factory, time to give them immeasurable price. This very good (violent?) Dacia’s health should not weaken, the an update to its best-selling Duster will be paid at the end of the year!

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