Dacia will get two new 1.8 liter engines!  Bigster and Duster with a hybrid, there will be a surprise  French.pl

Dacia will get two new 1.8 liter engines! Bigster and Duster with a hybrid, there will be a surprise French.pl

The Dacia Bigster, which will be presented at the end of next year, will start with a new 1.8 liter engine. A second version will also be created. Here are details that should be of interest to any fan of large capacity units.

While many manufacturers are reducing engine capacity and pushing hard to increase power, Dacia seems to be going against the grain. Although high power and high torque from a small engine is technically possible, it has negative consequences in the form of increased nitrogen oxide emissions and slightly lower mileage that can be achieved. Therefore, the Romanian manufacturer is looking for an optimal solution for its new one Dacia Bigsterdecided on a greater power than before.

New 1.8 liter hybrid engine

A new engine will debut under the hood of the Bigster with a volume of 1.8 litersa with a code name HR18. It will work on the Atkinson cycle and a clutchless gearbox with a dog clutch will be connected to an axial flow electric motor designed by the French start-up Whylot and produced by the Renault group. The manufacturer has not yet revealed the power that we will see in Dacia cars, but we can talk about the level 130-150 KM or more. But that is not the end.

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New 1.8 plug-in hybrid drive

The Dacia Bigster should also receive a plug-in drive unit with a small battery later, which would allow the Bigster to operate in electric mode only. If the information is confirmed, the electric range should be about 50 km. We should also get more power in the plug-in version.

Dacia Duster will also receive new drives

New engines will also be available in the third generation Dacia Duster. They will replace the 1.3 TCE engines that we have in the current range, because this is the end of their production cycle of clean gasoline engines, the manufacturer is already preparing for Euro 7.

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When will we see new models?

Dacia Duster third generation will start on the market at the end of 2023. however, we will probably see it in showrooms in the first quarter of 2024. As for the Bigster, you have to wait more than a year – the premiere is expected at the end of 2024/2025.

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