Dacia will offer internal combustion engines for as long as possible – Francuska.pl

Dacia will offer internal combustion engines for as long as possible – Francuska.pl

Dacia has no intention of abandoning combustion engines as soon as other manufacturers. Although the Romanian brand’s version already includes an electric Spring model, gasoline-powered cars, because they are not diesel-powered, will be available as long as it is allowed by European regulations.

Brand Renault has announced that it will stop selling combustion cars in 2030. Dacia also announced the date of full electricity, but the Romanian manufacturer has no intention of “stopping” anytime soon. However, if you still want to stick to his philosophy and offer affordable cars, there really is no other option. Electric cars are still more expensive than models with a petrol or diesel engine. This is also seen in the Dacia range, in which we will find one electrician for now.

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Spring is the most expensive Dacia

The price is PLN 91,400 (see the price list) The new Spring is very competitive with other brands, but although it is the smallest in the range, it is the most expensive of all the models of the brand. A small electrician separates a small electrician from a price of more than 35 thousand. zlotys. We will spend more in the summer, even with the My Electrician subsidy program. In order for the offer to remain attractive and its price, the brand intends to stick to internal combustion engines for as long as possible, ie until 2035 designated by the European Union as the date to ban the sale of internal combustion vehicles. The news was confirmed by the CEO of the brand, Denis Le Vot, in an interview with Reuters.

“Everyone has their role. Renault will strive to be the champion in electric motors, which comes with risks. That’s why there is a Dacia”. Le Vot said. “According to how quickly the market is moving to electric motors and the customer’s desire, Dacia is here. These two vehicles can coexist in a very close relationship” – has been added

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The way to meet environmental regulations is a range of 1.0 Eco-G engines that run on petrol and LPG. The range also includes a 90 HP and 110 HP TCe unit. The last model with a diesel engine is Duster, but this is until the presentation of the next generation of the model. However, the manufacturer declares that it has no intention of abandoning the all-wheel drive.

Source: Reuters, Dacia

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