“DAF XG” based on the old Mitsubishi – in Indonesia such trucks only work

“DAF XG” based on the old Mitsubishi – in Indonesia such trucks only work

“DAF XG” will be available in other countries soon. It will be in Indonesia, where a version with probably a four-cylinder engine, with a GVW of no more than 5.5 tons, will be available. And although such news may sound like an April Fool’s Day story, in Indonesia someone came up with such an idea…

I’ve already told you that Indonesia is full of Asian light trucks, and its users like to make the cabins look like full-size European cars. In this article you can see, for example, Isuzu Elf similar to Mercedes Actros and Fuso Canter pretending to be a Scania R series. And now Indonesians seem to have dreamed of a new DAF XG, so the replica was also prepared on the basis of the old Mitsubishi.

Base Mitsubishi Cold Diesel 100PS:

Current job impact (from today’s session):

A report from the construction of such a car appears on the YouTube channel LORD JUBRIT, run by an Indonesian editing workshop. It shows a 1978-1985 Mitsubishi Colt Diesel 100PS cab converted into a DAF XG mini version with all metal sheathing. Raising the roof, the arrangement of the headlights, the radiator grille, or the glazing system – all this should be as close as possible to the original Dutch. In fact, even the camera arms that replace the mirrors are copied here and in their case they are also of metal construction! So it is easy to imagine how time-consuming and thorough this process is. In addition, the entire front of the truck is to preserve the opening system of the radiator grille and corners to facilitate daily service. It should be emphasized here that although from our point of view this project may seem peculiar, in Indonesia such replica trucks find their way into regular, large-scale use.

I wonder myself what the final result will be, and also how the interior of the cabin will be equipped. The latter is completely blank on the record, so it will most likely also undergo a major overhaul, bringing it in line with the new DAF. And if you’re interested in previous reports from the build, you’ll find them below, from the beginning of the project to the current state: