Daily test BMW CE 04: Star Wars for business travelers

Daily test BMW CE 04: Star Wars for business travelers

Of BMW CE 04 it should be ready to drive in the future and it looks like you have it Star Wars Stormtroopers stole a flying saucer on the forest moon of Endor. He has powerful lasers bmw The CE 04 isn’t on board, but you wouldn’t put it past it.

Important for motorcyclists

Appearance of e-scooters It’s definitely the first thing people talk about. Either you enjoy this futuristic look or you no longer understand the world of two wheels. Whichever side you choose: nobody cares about this design. You notice that at every traffic light.

Test driver profile Dennis Petermann

Tester number four is called Dennis Peterman. He lives in Hamburg-Winterhude and drives about 8 km to the office every day. He has to pick up his daughter twice a week on the way back, and on weekends he likes to go to the Hamburg area for leisure activities.

That’s what I love about the CE 04

“Come on!” motorcycle you don’t have to stand in line at the traffic lights, he calls BMW Nine T driver to me Did he really say motorcyclist? He considers me and my e-scooter to be the same. I’m honored, but there are good reasons to think of the CE 04 as a motorcycle. It is long (about 2.30 meters), high (1.15 m) and has large wheels (15 inches). For that he is with his one swingarm quite elegant.

A single swing arm and 15-inch wheels make the motorcycle almost a motorcycle

Maintenance is a big plus

The CE 04 is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to get out of traffic lights quickly in front of cars. of performance (max. 42 hp) catapult bmw Forward. But never worry about it front wheel lifted off or the scooter sways in any way.


Maintenance is a big plus. Sometimes the CE 04 feels like more than just a scooter.

The driving characteristics of the CE 04 are great. The long wheelbase (about 1.68 m) brings stability, that torque (62 Nm) applies immediately and always puts a smile on my face.

I don’t like that about CE 04

The sun is smiling at me. But on days when I pick up my daughter from the gym, I still can’t reach the motorcycle because I don’t have a second one. hat having. Of course there is storage space under the seat. But there it is charge cable. Sure, I could leave it at home in that case battery pack it’s full enough. But I don’t want to lose the freedom of electricity to be able to charge for a short time. There is simply a lack of basic practical equipment.

BMW CE 04 - daily test

There is a lack of practical jacket sets in basic equipment.

There may be sets of jackets and luggage in the equipment, but only behind the seat there will be one porter you have done well. By the way, also for passengers. Because there is no limit in the second row of seats, and every passenger is afraid of being left alone on the pavement when the next traffic light starts. The sloping rear seat doesn’t inspire much confidence either.

Why not a version with a roof?

BMW has already tried to revolutionize the motorcycle world and at that time it had C1 failed. They were not happy enough to ride a scooter without a helmet but with a roof and seat belt. In my opinion, CE 04 provides a good basis for a second attempt. With an introduction to electric car and related discussion sustainability and environmental sustainability, it will certainly be possible to talk about the scooter as an alternative to the car.

BMW CE 04 - daily test

Currently it can only be carried with a hood – but the CE 04 can also have a roof.

If the CE 04 had a roof and if in doubt even a clip for one side windows, you can drive to work without a helmet. If BMW then used the space above the rear wheel, there would be storage space for shopping. Right now that is not the case. I can just walk to work in a suit on summer days.

The electronic revolution is not coming at this time

Special electricity Frequency 130 kilometers is enough to drive to and from work every day. Even if only 100 actual kilometers are left at the end, most users in the city have to go through with it. For size, weight (231 kg) and price (from around 12,000 euros) you would expect more.


A place to look for expensive money – 12,000 euros is a lot for a motorcycle.

electric scooter it is also available for less money, and short work distances can also be covered by these cheap cars. With the CE 04, BMW is ahead of most others and still stands alone with this concept. But this e-scooter is still not a revolution either.