Daimler truck boss aims to make his own batteries

Daimler truck boss aims to make his own batteries

Photo: Daimler Trucks

Mercedes-Benz advertises its battery plants. The commercial vehicle division, which was converted into a separate joint-stock entity in 2021, also sees a need for internal capacity to become more independent.

There is too much dependence on China, said Daimler truck boss Martin Daum German news agency. Chinese companies already have patents, original products and raw materials. The world market is dominated by 80 percent of the People’s Republic.

He always thinks it’s difficult when you depend on one country, says Daum. “Of course we will also start our battery production with partners, although a little later than the car companies.” However, Chinese patents may also be involved in cooperation. And even if you produce batteries in-house, the original products are not yet available.

“We will never be energy independent. Germany has always imported a large part of its energy needs – why should it suddenly be different, especially for green energy,” says Daum. “Hydrogen can be obtained from many sources.” In terms of technology and production energy, one will be independent from one country.

Unlike its competitor Traton, which belongs to the Volkswagen Group, Daimler Truck does not rely solely on battery-powered trucks and buses to supply electricity. The Swabians are also working on hydrogen-powered electric vehicles with greater range and shorter refueling times.