Dangerous driving under the influence of drugs – Audi driver caused several accidents – police search for two victims and witnesses

Dangerous driving under the influence of drugs – Audi driver caused several accidents – police search for two victims and witnesses

Paderborn-Elsen (ots) –
(mb) At least three road accidents, pedestrian accidents and many other road accidents can be attributed to the driver of an Audi (42) who was under the influence of drugs.

On Wednesday, around 2:50 pm, police received several emergency calls about an Audi speeding on the Paderborner Straße towards Elsen. The driver must drive through red traffic lights. Pedestrians on the road had to jump off because the car came off the road.
Police used several pieces to search for a dark brown Audi A6 with BÜR license number.

The patrol drove to Elsen via Wewerstrasse. At the corner of Meßdornstrasse, police officers noticed how Audi had turned on the fuel station area at high speed. While driving over the edge, the car sped away. Then Audi crashed head-on into the outer wall of the fuel station building. The driver got out and ran to the sales room. When police officers followed him into the gas station, the voice driver hurriedly drank from a soda bottle. The officers overpowered the man, who was completely sweating and apparently under the influence of drugs, and arrested him for the time being. The 42-year-old confessed to using drugs. He still had one pill in his mouth. He said he had started from the parking lot of the Höffner furniture store.

As it happened during further investigation, witnesses had seen Audi repeatedly ignoring a red light on the Paderborner Straße. Shortly before the Wewerstraße intersection, the vehicle left the road and passed along the road. Two children or teenagers were forced to jump on the sidewalk to avoid falling. Audi then turned to Wewerstrasse and crossed the poster on the central island. A little further on, Audi hit an Opel Insignia which a woman was driving in front of a bakery. Then there was an accident at the gas station.

Police found the Audi A6 and took the suspect to a blood test. A criminal case is pending against the 42-year-old on suspicion of several traffic accidents involving hit-and-run, drug-driving, banned car racing and road traffic accidents.

The total amount of damage known so far is estimated at around 20,000 euros.

The Audi plane may have been involved in a number of unreported accidents. Police are looking for other witnesses and people who were at risk for driving style. Two pedestrians in particular are asked to report. Police will receive important information at 05251/3060.

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Original content from: Paderborn police, distributed by aktuell news

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