Davide Brivio (Track House): “Special Incentive” / MotoGP

Davide Brivio (Track House): “Special Incentive” / MotoGP

At the end of 2020, the successful race manager moved to the F1 game. Davide Brivio returned three months ago. We caught up with the manager of Trackhouse Racing in Austin for an interview.

After a three-year hiatus (and tenure in Formula 1 team management), Davide Brivio returned to the MotoGP arena at the start of the 2024 racing season. As general manager of the American Trackhouse Racing design motorcycle division , the Italian has taken a big role.

Brivio joined the team alone at the big winter test in Malaysia at the beginning of February. After a very lively start to the season, Miguel Oliveira’s first points of the championship and shortly before the first practice session in Austin, the restorer, who is well respected around the field, took time for a chat.

How is David Brivio doing after his return?
Davide Brivio: “That’s easy to answer. I’m doing well and I’m happy to be back on the pitch.”

Three years off is a long time in professional racing – is there a sense of a new era?
“Let’s put it this way, the environment of the individual is very familiar and it was returning home. I can say 90 percent of all contacts there are “old friends”. Apart from that, a lot has already happened. On the one hand, sprint races have been added as a major change. Then the aerodynamic development increased significantly, as well as various devices. Technologically there was a leap. And I also think the level of driving has increased again. Today, 10 drivers are capable of winning the race easily. This is a more extreme and also a positive change in terms of sports. And I think the competition between manufacturers has also become fierce. Well, Ducati is ahead and also has a very special position and number of bikes. It is very narrow at the back. KTM and Aprilia are also there. And you can feel that the Japanese do not give up. It’s a very exciting time.”

Franco Morbidelli spoke about the special Italian “vibration” in Pramac Racing. How would you describe the atmosphere at Trackhouse?
“I would say it’s very international. But you definitely see the influence of the owners from America. It’s a very healthy environment.”

Trackhouse specializes in motor racing. At what points do you expect the learning effects for the MotoGP team?
“The whole situation is very special. We belong to a joint organization. In the team headquarters everything is under one roof. We are a big team. Which means that the designs of the motorcycle and the car learn from each other. Many processes are ok, but there is also a new part. We can learn from Trackhouse’s story. They have grown from scratch to a winning team in Nascar within 3-4 years. This is how our approach as a MotoGP team should be. What really helps me and us is a strange American way of doing things. It’s like a special American incentive.”

Trackhouse wants an American pilot. Currently no stars are visible. What do you think about the topic?
“That is of course a wish and of course it will be very good for the sport and the fans. But in the end it is the result that counts, regardless of the driver. It is a natural process that we cannot rush. What we can do is that we as the American team are an inspiration to young people and children. We have to think long term and hope for the next generation.

MotoGP regulations from 2027 are being discussed privately. Are you involved here too?
Honestly no. That is the job of the factory, to negotiate through the manufacturers association.

But their opinions carry weight. What do you think of the new set of rules for 2027?
“In my opinion, it’s a normal process that the rules change. Holding something for 10 or 15 years by the rules doesn’t work. There are always changes and it’s a normal process for the host to question the rules of the game. At the moment there are three main arguments. Security is the first priority. It is difficult, but the maximum speed is at the limit and it can help to take a safe route by reducing the displacement in this area. The cost factor is also important. And then there is the sports show, which should be maximally good. These things they have a major role and as I said, adapting to development is normal.

Is there a level of games for American Doctor? What was the result announced by boss Justin Marks?
No ad with number. Justin Marks is a racing driver through and through. He can assess the situation very well. But we’re all motivated to achieve extraordinary results – and of course we have more pressure in the US. But that’s normal. We will push, but more important than just good results is that we continue to strengthen as a team. We want to continue to improve our processes and improve as a team. That is the main goal. If we work well together as a team all the time, then the results will come by themselves.”