Debate on growth: Formula 1 teams are bracing themselves against foreigners – across the country

Debate on growth: Formula 1 teams are bracing themselves against foreigners – across the country

According to the basic contract between Formula 1 and the FIA, there is space for up to twelve racing teams. World Federation boss Mohammed Ben Sulayem recently pushed for an expansion of the starting field and most of all supported Andretti’s request. General Motors “is not just anyone who wants to have events in Formula 1. We have to develop something like that,” said the FIA ​​President.

Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali hitting the brakes. When the current basic contract was signed, “no one expected that the value of this game would increase so much,” said the Italian. Current bosses see the agreed $200 million entry fee for each new team as a bargain. The protection fee would be split between the ten racing teams and is intended to cover their losses if marketing revenue is split between more participants in the future.

The owner of Formula 1, Liberty Media recently paid the teams $1.2 billion, and the situation is increasing. American owners have increased the sales and value of the series and its teams. No one wants to settle for a small piece of the pie. “It would be beneficial for all of us if each guest could really add something new to the show, expand our audience or invest more marketing dollars,” said Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff.

Haas teammate Günther Steiner is also worried about the cash situation. “Financially everyone is stable. Why should we rock the boat when there is nothing more for us,” said the Italian. You can’t use dreamers, warned McLaren boss Zak Brown.

However, the first decision on new registrations rests with the world association. So Red Bull manager Horner makes a very common point: there is no place for the eleventh team at racetracks like Monaco or Zandvoort. “Where should the cars go, where would there be room for the trucks? It will be very difficult to handle everything, the way the game went,” world champion boss Max Verstappen said. In typical Monte Carlo fashion, the parties in contention can already weigh in this weekend.