Debate with Schumacher and Vettel

Debate with Schumacher and Vettel

5:21 pm

Sainz: The rotation was not good!

The Spaniard himself reports after his first pole: “It was a good thigh, but I had a lot of problems with standing water in the central area. There was plenty of water, even on the best line.”

It was very easy to make mistakes there. “Also, it was very difficult to get the temperature in the central region for these conditions.” That is why he was not very pleased with her thighs.

“I finally managed to get the thigh together, but I did not feel that it was special,” admits Sainz, who sorry “surprised him a little”.

5:16 pm

Lots of running to the first pole

It took enough time! After 149 Formula 1 started, Sainz finally grabbed his first pole today. That made it into the top 10:

Photo Gallery: 10 Best: Multiple Form 1 Race to the first column

5:11 pm

Bos against Verstappen

Unfortunately, in the top 3 interviews after graduation, there is a lot of noise against Verstappen again. Not a good English way. A little comfort for the fans: With Hamilton, Norris and Russell three British drivers managed to get into the top 8.

From a German point of view, we can only dream of something like this for now …

5:06 pm

Vettel is “very disappointed” after Q1-Aus

Another disappointing match for Vettel’s qualification. what happened there? “I don’t think we had the same problem as Canada. But the fact that we left so early is definitely very painful and of course I’m very saddened,” admits ‘Sky’.

“We don’t have the speed,” he explains, adding: “Even in the dry it was not like we jumped. So I think it will be a tough race tomorrow. However, we see that we can. Make a difference.”

“Maybe we can come up with a strategy or we can respond well. But of course it will be difficult when you are so far behind,” he knows.

5:03 pm

Q3: First sorry for Sainz!

drama at the end! Leclerc is back and so he is gambling away from his big position. Yet cheering for Ferrari, because Sainz grabs his first pillar! Verstappen is second only to Leclerc and Perez.

Hamilton misses second in fifth place, P8 for Russell behind Norris and Alonso is a matter of disappointment. Here at ticker we continue with the qualifying votes. Before that, as usual, a summary:



starting grid

Photo: F1: British Grand Prix (Silverstone) 2022, Saturday

4:55 pm

Q3: Converters

Now the drivers are at the limit. Verstappen and Latifi have already turned. The Dutchman is still second behind Leclerc. For the third time: Alonso! Can an old gentleman create another surprise today?

Five minutes left on the clock.

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4:49 pm

Q3: Average

Now is the time, Q3 continues! Nothing changes on the tires, the drivers are out of the middle again. At the end of the day, Russell gambled at a concert in Canada, but we certainly will not see anything like it today.

Twelve minutes is an hour, now it’s about sorry!

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4:44 pm

Schumacher: Problem with the car

The German describes his Q1 departure from ‘Sky’ as follows: “We had a problem with the car, which of course didn’t really help us.” The car is really good in the rain, but it had a lot of oversteer.

When asked about a specific problem, he explains: “We do not know at all right now, but the steering wheel was very far to the left. [gedreht]which is certainly not good at all when you take it out of the hole. “

“I think it’s a small mistake that has a big impact in this case. We just have to catch more in the race,” he says. It really won’t be easy from P19 …

4:40 p.m.

Q2: Time to install

It was so, in fact no one could improve anymore. The song was very wet at the end. Outside are Gasly, Bottas, Tsotaka, Ricciardo and Ocon. That also means that Latifi even makes it Q3! For the first time in his career.

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4:34 pm

Question 2: Heavy rain again

It should therefore be clear that Q3 will also be held in the rain immediately. The question is whether anyone can improve in Q2 as the rains get heavier. Gasly, Bottas, Tsunes, Ricciardo and Ocon will be out for now.

Six minutes left on the clock.

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4:28 pm

Q2: Average

Rainfall has subsided, but we still see all the operators in the central part in the second section. At the moment it doesn’t look like we’re going to see it again today.

Five more slow drivers have now been removed again in Q2.

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4:20 p.m.

Q1: Disappointment for Germans

That was nothing: Vettel and Schumacher were removed from P18 and P19. The only stroll was even slower. Lo. Also out are Albon and Magnussen. Latifi has entered Q2 for the first time this year!

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4:13 pm

Q1: Average

For perfection: All riders are in the middle. Stroll, Vettel, Tsotaka, Ricciardo and Schumacher are out now. But that changes every few seconds here because times are getting faster and faster. So not much to say yet.

Five minutes left on the clock.

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4:07 pm

Q1: Turner Bottas

Finn was the first driver to be arrested. But he can go on. Gasly, Stroll, Vettel and of course two Alpine pilots would be out after the first rounds. Vettel untied his thighs and returned to the holes.

Now the Philippines is going abroad as well. Let’s see if that technique works.

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4:04 p.m.

Q1: Alpine does not run

18 drivers are on the way, only Alonso and Ocon are missing. Does Alpine expect rain to end before the end of the season and now want to save on tires? It is certainly a strategy that is not without risk.

If the rain becomes heavier instead, then both can be eliminated in Q1 …

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3:59 pm

Q1: It flows

Now it doesn’t rain anymore, it’s already normal rain! So at least Q1 will definitely get wet. However, we do not want to make any predictions for Q2 and especially Q3. It can still dry out if the rain stops quickly.

It doesn’t seem that way at the moment. Near the start of Q1, five slow drivers are removed as usual. And as announced, there is already a long queue at the occurrence of the hole …

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