Defective springs: thousands of old Dodge and Chryslers must stop spinning

Defective springs: thousands of old Dodge and Chryslers must stop spinning

Two new deaths have been recorded since April related to airbag inflators made by Japanese company Takata, which can explode and throw debris at occupants. This brings the total to 32 worldwide, most in the United States.

Today, the American division of Stellantis is sounding the alarm and notifying all owners of Dodge Magnum, A competitor And The load too Chrysler 300 from 2005 to 2010 who have not yet replaced the driver’s front airbag following the 2015 recall to immediately stop driving their vehicle.

Some 276,000 copies are targeted in the United States. The number in Canada is not yet known.

Photo: WheelsAge

In its statement, Stellantis says it has sent nearly 210 million letters, emails, text messages and other communications to date, including phone calls and home visits, to notify owners. No replacement parts are missing, it seems, and the operation usually takes less than an hour.

Despite the many campaigns announced by car manufacturers, it is clear that many of the 100 million cars and more memorable all over the planet still have Takata equipment. In a good number of cases, we are talking about old models that are no longer in the hands of their original owners.

It is highly recommended to consult with Travel Canada note bank or, better yet, the vehicle manufacturer’s website to determine if a replacement is needed for you.

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