DeGusti Arte, a design celebrating the quality of Sicilian food and wine returns to Palermo from 19 to 21 May.

DeGusti Arte, a design celebrating the quality of Sicilian food and wine returns to Palermo from 19 to 21 May.

PALERMO – A three-day event dedicated to Sicilian flavors, the protagonists between the ancient camps and the large garden of Villa Filippina will be wineries, distilleries, dairies, olive growers and producers of small and large strictly Made in Sicilian cuisine. The fourth edition is more interesting than before where many fun events are expected including: pizza tasting and the fearsome cricket dough but also conversations where meat and meat burgers will be compared or moments of entertainment and stand-up comedy with Emanuele Pantano or the street. art workshop with famous street artist Jeh DStar.

Art of DeGusti is a food and wine event in Palermo that celebrates good food, friendship and the quality of Sicilian food and wine, first of all the best wines of the island and the best Sicilian wineries to taste, but also many delicious products made strictly in Sicily such as cheese, salami. , sweet and savory preserves, pasta, pulses, distillates and liqueurs.

More than sixty excellences of Sicilian food farming are present at the event in its spring edition. In the large green space of Villa Filippina, you can taste among many different labels from all over the island, taste the quality of local milk, try sweet and savory preserves, indulge in many flavors but also enjoy a live music festival or show of comedy or participate in one of the many talks and events that will stimulate discussion about food culture.

There are many new things for this new edition where the education of art, innovation and food will be the basis for more than sixty quality Sicilian foods and wines. A lot of curiosity will certainly be aroused by tasting the pizza with the terrible Grilli flour, experts in the sector and professors of the University of Palermo will talk about the opportunities of insect-based flour and why they represent an important opportunity for the future, for the less daring you will miss the opportunity of the flavor used in the best margherita pizza. Also eagerly awaited is the meeting with the street artist from Palermo but internationally famous Jeh DStar, the protagonist of the conversation and workshop in which he will tell the story of his success by engaging the public in a fun session of calligraphic street art. Then there will be laughter with Palermo comedian Emanuele Pantano, his show Mishap, with millions of views on social networks, can directly involve young and old alike, thanks to the artist’s compassion and invincible comedy tempos.

And then again: Would a 100% meat or veggie burger be better? In a blind tasting, how many will be able to tell the difference? This is a game that will be played during a good conversation. For tea lovers there will also be a master class dedicated to the preparation of iced tea by Fai da The, a tea shop and tea room in the heart of the historic centre. This year’s technological curiosity is instead a robot from the Sicilian company Volatile, a fully autonomous machine that promises to be able to harvest between rows better than a professional winemaker, can be seen working in the space reserved for the sponsors of the fourth edition of DeGusti Arte, which promises to be more sustainable thanks to the photovoltaic system installed by Noon, a leading company in the renewable energy sector.

The institutional cooperation of the event is also growing, confirming its ever-increasing success, Sicindustria will be present during the event with a dedicated area, the aim is to help build relationships and create exchange opportunities between small producers and large retail businesses. . Also important is the participation of Euroform, a business school, and a representation that works in the restaurant and hotel sector, students will participate in cooking demonstrations and classes and will have the opportunity to train in the field of major food and wine events. . There will also be the Kia Astercar dealer who will present a fleet of Fully Electric vehicles and the IMADI dealer who will showcase some of the electric innovations in the world of forklift trucks and indoor handling.

Raise your glasses! Here comes the spring edition of DeGusti Arte, a food and wine event that brings the protagonists of Sicilian food and drink to the stage, from 19 to 21 May at Villa Filippina.

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