Demonstration at the Munich showroom: climate activists hold BMW cars

Demonstration at the Munich showroom: climate activists hold BMW cars

Demonstration in the Munich showroom
Climate activists stick to BMW cars

It is already the fourth stage of the “Scientist Rebellion” protest this week in Munich. This time it touches the world of BMW and here also the climate activists decide to take drastic, albeit peaceful measures: They stick to the M8 in the car manufacturer’s showroom. Dozens of police officers have to enter.

In Munich, climate activists held a car on display at BMW World. As seen in a Twitter video that the group itself shared, several people stormed the Bavarian automaker’s showroom. They painted the cars and placed a banner with the text “Unite against the weather” on the hood of the M8, and others put their hands on the light blue car, according to the Bavarian About 40 police officers were on duty on the radio and tried. remove the stuck in the car.

The activists who participated in the campaign are scientists from “Scientist Rebellion Germany”. They are calling for an “immediate carbon reduction for the transport sector”, including a speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour on German autobahns and the return of the nine-euro ticket, as they describe on social media.

According to the newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, “BMW World” is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bavaria. Munich police are currently on site with 14 patrol cars. The building is closed. The police spokesman was therefore confident that the operation would be handled regularly. The climate activists acted peacefully, the official was quoted as saying by the newspaper that “in Munich they now have such exercises and operations”. Six cars are said to be doused with sticky water. Police want to check if property damage has occurred.

The fourth stage of the demonstration in Munich

It is the fourth “Revolt of Scientists” protest in a week in the state capital. The activists had already highlighted their goals and demands on Monday by taking similar action at the Munich branch of Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager. On Tuesday, climate activists then temporarily blocked Odeonsplatz.

On Thursday, about 20 of them blocked part of the road in Munich’s Stachus. They sat on the street – directly in front of the Palace of Justice. Two of them also got stuck. There were traffic delays. All those involved were eventually taken to the police headquarters for their identities to be verified. They are being investigated on suspicion of forcing traffic on the road and violating the Act of Parliament.

The activists broadcast their protest live on social networks. Victor de Santos, one of the protesters, said on Twitter: “Technology will not save us. Electric cars will not save us.” Many car manufacturers have deceived the public by medically underestimating the emissions of their cars.