Denis Lavoie, former mayor of Chambly, arrested by UPAC on two charges

Denis Lavoie, former mayor of Chambly, arrested by UPAC on two charges

Denis Lavoie, the erstwhile mayor of Chambly, was arrested by Quebec’s anti-corruption unit (UPAC) on two charges. The announcement of his arrest was made by UPAC on Thursday.

The two charges against the ex-mayor are fraud on the government and breach of trust by a public official.

The arrest comes after a year-long probe by UPAC into the alleged misappropriation of public funds in the city of Chambly. The alleged misuse of funds was first reported in 2019.

The charges against Lavoie stem from his alleged involvement in the diversion of public funds to a private company. Lavoie had served as mayor of Chambly since 2013.

According to the details of the case, Lavoie is accused of diverting public funds to a private company owned by a friend of his. The money was allegedly used to buy goods and services that were not required by the city.

The investigation was conducted by UPAC in collaboration with the Chambly police department. The investigation was launched in 2019, shortly after reports of the misappropriation of funds first surfaced.

UPAC has made it clear that the arrest of Lavoie does not mean that the investigation is over, and that more charges may be brought against other individuals in connection with the case.

In a statement released after the arrest, UPAC stated that the investigation is ongoing and that the organization will take all necessary steps to ensure that justice is served.

The arrest of Denis Lavoie has sent shockwaves across the small city of Chambly. This is the first time that a mayor of the city has been arrested on such serious charges.

The arrest of Lavoie has raised questions about the integrity of the political system in the city and has sparked debates about the need for greater transparency in public offices.

The people of Chambly are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the UPAC investigation and are hoping that justice will be served in this case. It remains to be seen what the outcome of the investigation will be and whether other individuals will be implicated in the misappropriation of public funds.