Desert X Race 2 Qualifying full results

Desert X Race 2 Qualifying full results

Racers from around the world descended upon the desert for the second installment of the Desert X Race, an endurance race that tests the mettle of drivers and their vehicles. The competition was fierce, with over 500 vehicles vying for the top spots in the qualifying round.

In the end, it was a tight race, with the top ten drivers coming within mere seconds of one another. However, it was the 22-year-old driver from the United States, Jackson Smith, who ultimately took the top spot, finishing the course in an astonishingly swift two hours and twelve minutes.

The other nine drivers who qualified for the final round were also impressive, with the second-place finisher, an Australian driver named Benedict Brown, managing to finish the race just three seconds behind Smith. The remaining eight drivers in the top ten were separated by a mere seven seconds.

In addition to the top ten finishers, a total of 84 other drivers managed to qualify for the final round. While many of them came in well beyond the top ten, the qualifying round was still a testament to their skill, with some of the drivers coming within a few minutes of the top time.

The Desert X Race is sure to be an exciting event, with the top ten finishers set to compete in the final round next week. With the stakes so high, it is sure to be a thrilling race, with the best drivers in the world vying for the title of Desert X Champion.