Design and electricity: The Schwaiger Group Dormitory is connected to the Polestar Handover Center – SCRIVO Public Relations |  Information

Design and electricity: The Schwaiger Group Dormitory is connected to the Polestar Handover Center – SCRIVO Public Relations | Information

The Schwaiger Group, which specializes in the revival of commercial properties, has announced the neighborhood of its boarding house in the east of Munich: From October 1, 53 new cars from the Swedish electric car brand Polestar will roll out of the Stahlgruberring. The Auto Eder Group, which operates the Handover Center, rents a total of around 1,400 square meters for this purpose, where it hands over Polestar electric cars to customers. Only last year, a Munich project developer acquired the property at Stahlgruberring 53 to create a dormitory with a new type of community and digitization after extensive redevelopment.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better tenant and neighbor for our apartment building,” says Schwaiger CEO Michael Schwaiger, who was delighted with the achievement. “We are always pursuing a sustainable and green future with the development of our project. The fact that Polestar is now starting the delivery of innovative electric cars and thus its idea of ​​a pollution-free future from here of all places fits perfectly. As a result, east of Munich are becoming more attractive and increasingly the area of ​​choice for exciting companies.

The future is mobile

Even the boarding house offers promise for the future of mobile work with its co-working spaces and many digital offerings, such as the “system of all cards”. Polestar cars also represent change and an electrified, green and beautiful future, which Auto-Eder CEO Josef Eder now sees here in eastern Munich: “The building shows what well-thought-out architecture and the right ideas can achieve. sustainable urban development and future-oriented is possible. In Moosfeld, not only a piece of Munich’s commercial future is emerging, but ideas are also emerging here that point the way beyond the city towards a green future. And the best way to drive these is electric .

East Munich is becoming more and more attractive

With the commercial property at Stahlgruberring 53, the Schwaiger Group has already created its third property east of Munich. For Michael Schwaiger, this is a true commitment to an area that he believes will have a future: “It is not for nothing that we also have our office building here. Centro Tesoro also sets an important example for sustainability and innovative construction, not least with a large system of Munich photovoltaic on the roof. I am convinced that East Munich as a whole has a bright future ahead of it.” An environment that perfectly fits the new Polestar Delivery Center. In this way, the Auto Eder Group not only wants to actively help shape the future of Munich East.

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