Despite obstacles, Lucid Motors will start production of Lucid Gravity next year –

Despite obstacles, Lucid Motors will start production of Lucid Gravity next year –

Lucid Motors, makers of the Lucid Air luxury aircraft, have recently faced several challenges. In addition to the recall, Lucid Motors has experienced problems in its semiconductor supply and is also facing restructuring due to budget cuts. The company also wants to start production of Lucid Gravity next year.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recalled 637 Lucid Air models due to problems with the vehicle’s ignition switch. This problem is related to the electrically actuated switch that controls the power supply to the motor. In some models, a very strong spring is installed, causing the switch to malfunction and interrupting the power supply to the electric motor. Lucid has announced that all affected models will have their software updated and switches replaced free of charge.

A drastic operation

Another challenge for the company was the difficulty of finding semiconductors, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the general drop in demand. All this has led to Lucid Motors being restructured, which will result in approximately 18% of its workforce (1,800 employees) losing their jobs.

CEO Peter Rawlinson said that this decision is in line with cost containment measures announced by the company at the end of February. The company has also taken other measures to increase costs, but unfortunately these measures will not be enough to achieve the set goals. Rawlinson said the company had to make the painful but important decision to lay off some of its talented members.

Lucid Gravity SUV in production next year

Despite these challenges, Lucid Motors presented the new Gravity SUV model at the LA Auto Show. The design of the electric SUV is currently being finalized and the company has announced that production will begin in 2024 at its Casa Grande plant in Arizona.

The luxury SUV is more of an electric alternative to the typical American full-size SUV than an off-road vehicle. An SUV with MPV features, so to speak. Therefore, the interior of Lucid Gravity has to change a lot. It can accommodate up to seven people in two or three rows of seats.

Lucid Electric Advanced Platform

We still don’t know the exact specs and details of Lucid Gravity. It is clear that the car will be based on the Lucid Advanced Electric Platform (LEAP). The platform is also used for Lucid Air. The SUV model will offer the same performance as the sedan and will have a 113kW battery pack. It should provide better range. Due to the high air resistance, the range will not be as large as that of the Lucid Air. According to the US EPA, it has a range of up to 830 km. We expect a range of about 750 km for the Lucid Gravity.