Did British Airways pilots die from Covid-19 vaccines?  We explain

Did British Airways pilots die from Covid-19 vaccines? We explain

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According to social media users, several young British Airways pilots died in June due to the Covid-19 vaccine. Some have suggested that airlines have made it mandatory for their employees to be vaccinated, which is now the cause of discussions between the company and the UK government about whether pilots can fly after being vaccinated. British Airways officials denied that the pilots’ deaths were linked and said the company did not insist on vaccinations.

“We received disturbing news from England a few days ago. Four young pilots died in seven days. (…) Officially, no one denied that the pilots took the vaccines,” reads the article. published on June 25.

Screenshot from the website cai24.pl taken on June 30, 2021.

Various versions of this claim were also popular on Twitter. On Facebook, the version of Fr. the death of threeinstead of four pilots. According to users, the pilots died from the vaccine.

British Airways representatives posted a message about the death of their pilots June 17, 2021 on Twitter. “Unfortunately, four of our employees have recently died.” They also added that claims made on social media that the deaths of the airmen were “connected” were not true.

Screenshot from Twitter taken on June 28, 2021

AFP contacted company representatives for more information. British Airways has confirmed to us that the airline has not held “emergency talks” with the UK government and has never “ordered pilots to be vaccinated”.

British Airways officials also wrote in a statement sent to us that it was not true to say that “all the pilots have died in the last seven days”.

“We have not been informed of the death of British Airways pilots after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine,” AFP said on June 23, 2021. Sarah branch from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK. He stressed that the Agency had not held any talks with British Airways or other airlines about “preventing pilots who had been vaccinated against Covid-19 from flying”.

The branch also added that there are currently no restrictions on air travel or other industries for people who have been vaccinated.

British Airways did not release the names of the deceased to AFP.

However, AFP received a report of the death of Nicholas Synnott, a British Airways pilot. According to the article “Independence“On June 10, 2021, Synnott” had been in a hospital in Texas for over 243 days, suffering from Covid-19. He died in another hospital in England.

On June 2, 2021, St. Tidworth in England, another British Airways pilot, thirty-three-year-old Edward Brice-Bennett. As we read on the web “New Valley news”A man was found unconscious next to his bike on an extreme mountain biking trail. An autopsy revealed that he had suffered an abdominal injury.

Application: According to representatives of British Airways, the deaths of the pilots are not related to each other. The company is not in talks with the British government and insists that the deaths have not occurred in the past seven days.