Did Ferrari sacrifice another race for Monza?

Did Ferrari sacrifice another race for Monza?

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Charles Leclerc secured Ferrari’s first real pole at Monza since the French GP in July. Carlos Sainz started from a poor position in Business. At the time, however, the Spaniard benefited from a grid penalty for Max Verstappen.

Charles Leclerc drove on pole at Ferrari’s home race at Monza


The Dutchman was sixth fastest in qualifying. Ferrari’s sorry weekend surprised many. Because Monza was originally considered a Red Bull track.

“It doesn’t matter what I think. Your best bet is to ask the people around you [bei Ferrari]if you want a real answer,” smiles Red Bull chief engineer Paul Monaghan when asked about it.

However, he has “rumors”, he says and explains: “I suspect that our neighbors, because of their history and their geographical situation, a little more. [in dieses eine Rennen in Monza] they have invested.”

Monaghan reminds that Red Bull and Ferrari are limited in their development opportunities. Because the two teams hold the first two positions in the World Championship, they have less wind time and CFD time than all the other racing teams.

At the end of the race behind the safety car, is it necessary? Yes!

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It is therefore not possible to run a separate development program for each individual race. “Either they used their resources very wisely during development,” explains Monaghan.

“Or they bet on one race,” Red Bull’s chief engineer said. In short, Ferrari may have prioritized the home race at Monza in further development of this year’s car.

Conversely, however, this would mean that compromises have been made in terms of performance on other courses. And Monaghan goes on to explain that this priority is not necessarily limited to aerodynamics.

“Like you [ihren Motor] If you want to turn it up a bit, then you can do that,” he recalls. So it is possible that Ferrari drove the car with a little more power at Monza – but at the cost of the service life of the power unit.

However, Monaghan insists that these are just thoughts. And in the end, Ferrari’s great success at Monza did not materialize after all. Leclerc started from pole position on Sunday. In the race, however, he once again had no chance against Verstappen.