Did Meghan and Harry break coffin protocol?  “American Standards”

Did Meghan and Harry break coffin protocol? “American Standards”

  • Prince Harry arrived at Balmoral after the death of Elizabeth II was announced. “This has nothing to do with isolation.” Instead, we need to look at where Harry will be sitting at the funeral – says Iwona Kienzler to Pleiades
  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry showed their feelings for each other during the ceremony at the Palace of Westminster with a small gesture. The author of the books evaluates their behavior
  • Prince Andrzej, unlike Prince Harry, will only be able to wear a military uniform once during the last vigil – I don’t know how the subjects will accept it – says Iwona Kienzler.
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British media reported that Prince Harry arrived at Balmoral around 1.5 hours. after Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth II had died, which some would take as another sign of her estrangement from the family. See Kienzler in an interview with Pleiades, he says that he does not see any connection here, but you should watch what will happen at the queen’s funeral.

“It is not said that the prince will sit in the front row at the funeral.”

I don’t think it had anything to do. Family members were to arrive as soon as possible. Even if they were informed in the morning that the situation is bad, they would miss it. This has nothing to do with foreclosure. Instead, we need to look at where Harry will be sitting at the funeral. It is not said that the prince will take his seat in the front row – he says.

The author of books about the royal family sheds light on the past behavior of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Could the death of Elizabeth II make them stop revealing the most inconvenient truths about the monarchy?

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“Elizabeth II always kept everything a secret”

Elizabeth II always kept everything secret, she had a rule not to say, comment, justify, let things happen and do their own thing. During the interview with Oprah Winfrey, they were not very elegant. I think someone here will finally speak their mind and say that some things have not been revealed – he added.

During the procession with the coffin and the body of his grandmother, Prince Harry did not hide his feelings. At one point, she hid her face behind her hand as if to cover her tears. Then Meghan Markle took his hand. Members of the royal family are known for not showing love even in such situations.

– says Iwona Kienzler.

– Prince William and Princess Kate are expected to be heirs to the throne, and probably soon. Not so much Harry, which doesn’t mean that one day something can change. For now, however, he is not set to be the heir to the throne, so he may be allowed to act more freely. He has American standards now – he’s quite comfortable – explains the author.

Prince Andrew and Prince Harry were banned from wearing uniforms at funerals. They made one exception for Elizabeth II’s son. He would wear his military uniform during the final vigil at Westminster Hall.

Harry has removed the distinctions and privileges of being a member of the royal family. Andrzej was denied this because of disgusting behavior. He was a soldier of flesh and blood, he was in the navy for many years. I don’t know how the subjects will study it. Maybe some will find it unfair, but apparently the protocol allows it or his family does. After all, he is still a royal member – said Iwona Kienzler in an interview with Pleiades.


The procession with the coffin containing the body of Elizabeth II to the Palace of Westminster

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