Didn’t Meghan and Harry meet by chance?  “He knew how to play it”

Didn’t Meghan and Harry meet by chance? “He knew how to play it”

Duchess of Meghan and Prince Harry they met on July 1, 2016 on a blind date arranged by a friend of the actor. A characteristic feature of this type of meeting is that we do not know who we are meeting. However, it is said that Meghan Markle knew exactly what her friend wanted to “match” her and that her meeting with Prince Harry was not accidental.

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Meghan Markle has arranged a meeting with Prince Harry?

Meghan Markle claims she had no idea who would turn up on the blind date. Moreover, she maintains that she did not know that the man sitting next to her was a member of the royal family. The couple quickly found a common language and soon began to live together.

Tom Bower, the author of a book about the royal family, claims that the reality was different – Meghan knew very well from the beginning who she would meet. The author in an interview with “Page Six” said that the Duchess had carefully researched Harry’s life and past before his date.

– says British journalist Megyn Kelly.

After the breakup of her first marriage, Meghan Markle was reportedly looking for a man from England. Tom Bower claims that he asked one of Harry’s friends to introduce them to him. In addition, the former actress was very interested in the British royal family. As a girl, she was deeply affected by the death of Princess Diana, and at the age of 15 she visited England and even has a picture in front of Buckingham Palace.

– evaluates the character of the Duchess Tom Bower, who is “tough but not too smart”. According to her, she knew exactly how to live on a date so that Prince Harry found that he was perfect for her.

Does this mean that when Meghan Markle denied knowing who Prince Harry was, she was lying? Everything shows this, because in the media world it is practically impossible.

In the same conversation, Tom Bower – who is clearly not a fan of Meghan and Harry – also accuses them of being too hypocritical to the media. On the one hand, the prince claims that they are responsible for the death of his mother, and now they are attacking his wife, on the other hand, they are ready to give interviews, organize podcasts, etc. Meghan and Harry are currently writing books and doing publicity for hints that they have behind-the-scenes information about the royal family.

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