Different lists from VW: Golf, Passat & Co.  When will they die?

Different lists from VW: Golf, Passat & Co. When will they die?

List of Volkswagen Group categories
VW dissolves 60% of combustion structures

Volkswagen Group CFO Arno Antlitz told the Financial Times “we are more focused on quality and profit than volume and market share.” That could mean that the group will expand its cover of diesel and gasoline engines, which currently comprise nearly 100 brands worldwide. many types of brands by 60 percent by 2030.

With this strategy, Volkswagen is in line with the trend: the industry as a whole is trying to reduce discounts, which have increased the price earned and thus a higher rate in recent years. The best example is Mercedes, where Ola Källenius has long put open income on sales targets. Delivery barriers caused by the chip crisis last year also led to a drop in sales figures in BMW, for example, but increased profits – first-time payment makers set a profit record.

VW will no longer be the largest automotive company in the world

By 2020, Volkswagen was able to claim the number of units worldwide, Toyota took over again in 2021 and, according to Antlitz, the Wolfsburg company has no plans to fight it. It now has a low fixed cost base and therefore does not depend on volume and growth. The group was able to reduce the fixed costs of 41 billion euros in 2019 by 10 percent earlier than planned and at the same time invest in software development and new products.


Even the 52 billion that VW is pushing into the development of electric vehicles, the largest investment in the company’s history, would not have led to an increase in sales, according to Antlitz. “We are not building volume, we are rebuilding the factory by factory,” said Zwickau, chief financial officer, as the group shifted production to electric vehicles and has qualified staff for the new vehicle. Next up is a plant in Emden.

Antlitz admits, however, that calculations that consider electric car production to be of the same value as those of combustion engines have declined recently due to rising commodity prices: “$ 50,000 per tonne of nickel (for example) was not sold here. “, according to the board. However, one hopes that the war in Ukraine will end soon and that commodity prices will fall slightly again. In the long run, however, the chief financial officer expects the price of batteries to drop due to new technologies.

Which rows of combustion engines are on the cross-section?

Antlitz has not mentioned the models that will eventually get rid of VW Group’s various brands, but the cancellation of a series of models has been seen for a long time: VW Golf Sportsvan and VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra cars have already been discontinued and Touran will not be the successor to receive. At the other end of the line, the so-called New Small Family (VW Up, Seat Mii, Skoda Citigo) cars will die in 2023 – their platform can no longer be developed and will fail due to new crash regulations. Audi, on the other hand, has already confirmed that there will be no A1 or Q2 successor.

Starting in 2025, the group plans the first designs on a small MEB with a front wheel drive (VW ID.2, a small Skoda sprout and a production version of the Cupra Urbanrebel, and a little later the same VW.1 ID). The new family of small electric cars can even be a threat to older cars like the Polo or even the T-Cross, which is on sale very well at present. Why? In the area of ​​relatively small cars, relatively high CO2 production of low-cost combustion engine technology greatly harms shipping, there is a risk of high fines from the EU, and gives PHEV combinations will be very expensive. . If the T-Cross were to fall on small streams, this could also be the end for Skoda Kamiq and Seat Arona, which are in the same location.

Cupra Urban Rebel


How long will the bay live?

Golf 9 would be released in 2026. Some time ago it was said that the successor to the eighth generation of classic compact was made public; but there is already a corresponding electricity in the identification system.3. However, only Cupra is the youngest and Born of an offer, Skoda hints at the Octavia Combi electric in the near future, Audi does not want to release the A3 and A3 E-Tron until its expiration date by 2027.

Volkswagen wants to showcase the production version of Passat with an electric drive (ID.Aero) this year at Auto China in Beijing, and by 2026 Volkswagen is also promising a Central Triangle electric car, which will cost around 35,000 euros. Its modified MEB platform with a completely new electronic architecture (SSP) and software can also be the basis for new electric vehicles.

VW Passat and Skoda Superb – until 2030 only?

But first the question arises how long a Passat with a combustion engine will still be in demand, at least in Europe. VW has already discontinued the US model in favor of identification.4 (and Atlas). The European model presented in 2014 improved the face in 2019. The sedan has also not been found in Europe since early 2022, the dialect is in its 8th model year, so according to cultural circles it has already passed a year. By 2023, however, a successor (B9), further developed by Skoda, will come, still based on a standard transverse matrix (MQB). Like the sister model Skoda Superb, the new one comes from the assembly line in Bratislava instead of Emden, where ID.Aero or Aero B will be built. By the new year of 2023, the Passat with a combustion engine could live up to 2030, but with its running time by the end of 2030 it could contribute to a 60 percent reduction in models.

VW Passat 2023: prototypes in photography

Model VW Passat

Stefan Baldauf

For Tiguan and Co. there is an electrical replacement

Because SUVs and electronics – these are the best styles that Volkswagen Group should use. So, the best seller of VW Tiguan could probably live longer than Passat. On the other hand, there is already a demand for electricity in the ID system.4, and ID.6 from China with up to seven seats can help Europe. However, Tiguan’s successor will come in 2023, so his normal time would also end in 2030 and then Tiguan’s combustion could take the same path as Passat. For these two VWs, the Skoda Superb and Kodiaq would probably be the last. This would bring the group a step closer to a 60 percent model reduction by 2030.

Skoda fancy modern solid car


Stable Modern: This is how Skoda thinks about the future of his e-SUVs. Checkers want to unveil the concept car by 2022.

Maybe VW T-Roc (new for 2024) and Skoda Karoq (last generation actually in 2023) will remain in the ranks – or corporate strategists feel they can be replaced by smaller MEB models because, thanks to installation benefits. of the electric drive should provide the same space despite the external dimensions. As you can see: With 100 models, cuts to 40 are arbitrarily hard.

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For the future planning of a large organization, a major slide rule is needed to determine which model of combustion engine can be modified, because many factors need to be considered: On the one hand, a large number is a pro argument, but accurately. because this is a loss when calculating CO2 limits.

At the same time, sister models of other group brands play a role in a number of units – and their strategies: Audi and VW, for example, currently create a parallel world of electric rows and their technical base as well as a variety of combustion engines . Examples are Audi A6 and A6 E-Tron, VW ID.3 and Golf or ID.5 and Tiguan. The seat becomes a brand of combustion engine, electronic cars appear under the Cupra label, Skoda currently thinks of electricity mainly in the SUV and, in the future, as a station car.

Finally, the normal design cycle should help determine if the combustion engine model will be discontinued (see photo frames) – but there are still a few years before 2030.

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