Digital advertising on McLaren cars

Digital advertising on McLaren cars

British team McLaren will be the first in Formula 1 to put digital message boards on their cars. The team will experiment with this solution until the end of the 2022 season.

Broadcast screens are nothing new in motor racing, and are even widely used in series such as the Australian Supercars Championship, where one team is owned by McLaren boss Zak Brown.

Until now, however, they have been used in closed cabins, and not outside cars. Here, McLaren will stand out by placing two screens on the sides of the cockpits of their MCL36 cars. The experiment will continue in all Friday practice sessions until the end of the 2022 season.

The technology provider is Seamless Digital, located 10km from the Silverstone track, which is part of the Formula 1 car painting giant Silverstone Paint Technology. Founder Mark Turner had the idea a few years ago, when the Manor team had to redo their paint job several times during the season due to changing sponsors.

The whole system consisting of two panels and the equipment required for them weighs only 200 grams, and also requires very little electricity – 11 milliamps when displaying an ad and 60 during changes. The technology is similar to electronic paper screens, so now it is possible to display only black and white ads. The company is also working, among others, on a 16-gram system to put on drivers’ helmets.

“We are excited to introduce this technology that represents the next step for the future of motorsports marketing.” Turner said. “The ability to change branding in real-time on a Formula 1 car will provide more flexibility and value to teams and partners. Our technology opens up more creative options for brands that want to communicate situation-specific messages”.

As part of the partnership, McLaren will have the opportunity to test digital advertising in its other activities – the team is also present in IndyCar, Formula E and Extreme E.

Source: For the use of the press release Seamless Digital