“Discovering Tuscany”, Tuscany at the wheel of a Lamborghini |  Latitude

“Discovering Tuscany”, Tuscany at the wheel of a Lamborghini | Latitude

Discovering Tuscany is now in its fifth edition and too this time the Lamborghini supercar led us to discover the most unusual road trips in Tuscany. But the car frame is closed.

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It has been a much anticipated appointment Discover TuscanyAn exciting journey with unusual schedules on the roads of Tuscany within one Lamborghini.

This year the quality “made in Italy” chosen is the latest among road models presented by a well-known Italian company: Aventador Ultimae, a very symbolic name that indicates the end of an era. yes, why? a lot will change in the house of Lamborghini.

Ultimae will bethe latest model with a super hot V12 engine. From 2023, the company will focus first hybrids and then to full-electricity.

And so the road trip in this car takes on a different flavor, maybe even more romantic. The schedule was short but absolutely intense: the event began to unfold Montecatini Altoit continued Montecatini Timethe city made famous by the Thermal Baths and Miss Italy, of Pistoiaa place rich in history, of FlorenceRenaissance childhoodand ended up inside Mugello.

Montecatini Terme, well-being and curiosity

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Montecatini Alto is a small village animated by more than 400 inhabitants depicted in the painting by the prince. Leonardo da Vinci. A great place in history: the village, the castle and the impressive walls they date back to 1074. Strong recommendations are seen in visiting this city. But there is also a small unexpected event: the narrow streets that lead Old Town They definitely fit our old car.

It’s a little important. The journey continues. By car, you travel along a road with round bends that lead to nearby Montecatini Timethe famous center dedicated to Welfare. Here, in fact, there are several spas, perfect places for energy recovery and regeneration.

Among the most famous are Spa of Tettuccio, created in 1417 by the doctor Ugolino, which uses the properties of the waters of the ancient swamp below, known for their laxative effects. There is a certain element that characterizes the building: le sources of Basilio Cascella which represents the seasons of man in seven allegorical paintings made around the end of the 1920s.

No less important is Tamarind spas It is located in a pine forest. According to what is said here D’Annunzio he was meeting his girlfriend Eleonora Duse. But Montecatini Terme has welcomed many famous people: Grace Kelly, Rose Kennedy, King Farouk, Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini. And that’s just to name a few.

In the direction of Pistoia

@Ernesto Mangone

From Montecatini Terme you enter the heart of Not bad along the road made of curves and turns. No effort: driving the Aventator Ultimae results in a very special pleasure.

We cross Serravalle Pistoiese, a small medieval village located on a hill for strategic reasons. Even today this area preserves precious testimonies of the past: two castles located on different sides of the city.

A few kilometers of road and you reach it Pistoia. The city, which has a history of two millennia, was born as a fortified site in the 2nd century BC. A troubled past does not destroy its roots. In the Renaissance era and the Medici lordshipin fact, Pistoia will have great development to be part of Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

One of the treasures of the city is the Piazza del Duomo, considered one of the ten most beautiful squares in Italy, the artistic and architectural heart that has the most important buildings in the city center such as Palazzo del Comune, the Court, the baptistery and the Cathedral.

Another place to visit is Hall Squarewhose name comes from the role it played in the Lombard era when the palace of Gastaldo stood here.

The charm of Florence

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The Adventures of Discovering Tuscany continued towards the capital of Tuscany, a city at the center of anyone who has had the opportunity to visit it for its romantic atmosphere and its rich history and great artistic treasures. After all, just think that the city is home Dante Alighieri and the land of Leonardo da Vinci and Giotto, Michelangelo and Brunelleschi, of Vasari and Donatello.

Cathedral squarethe childhood of the Florentine Renaissance, still has a certain timeless charm that is reflected in the baptistery of San Giovanni, in the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and the bell tower of Giotto..

In Piazza della Signoria towers over Palazzo Vecchio: a symbol of Florence, the structure preserves a wonderful testimony of all the most important phases of the city’s history and art.

It is impossible, then, not to dedicate time for the visit Uffizi, one of the most important museums in the world that celebrates the art of the great Florentine masters of the Renaissance. And, again, how to stop and admire Old Bridgeanother symbol of Florence and the only bridge that the Germans did not bomb during World War II.

Racing at Mugello

@Francesco Mazzei

A visit to Florence will be able to convey a sense of satisfaction. Lamborghini with its open roof allowed adventure participants breathe the aroma of history and art. But all that glitters is not gold. Because in terms of driving, it wasn’t very fun. Of course, the Aventador was not designed for driving around town.

And so, in order not to have any regrets, we had the idea of ​​climbing the mountain, towards the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, and reaching Mugellobe considered temple of speed par quality. In this area, in fact, there israce track considered by many MotoGP and F1 riders to be the best circuit in the world. This is where you can have fun with the car.

In Ultimae, for the occasion, the roof was reattached. And this is to improve aerodynamic performance. We weren’t looking for a lap time, just pleasure to be behind the wheel of such a car. And let it go. Feelings are not missing. Yet some desire for the end of the age is already open in hearts.

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