DiSus, the new Intelligent Body Control System launched by BYD

DiSus, the new Intelligent Body Control System launched by BYD

BYD has launched the BYD DiSus Intelligent Body Control System (DiSus System) at the technology launch event held at its headquarters in the city Shenzhen.

The fully developed BYD DiSus system was developed exclusively for the NEV, representing BYD as the first Chinese automaker to own a car body intelligent control technology. The BYD DiSus system significantly improves the driving experience of its users.

The system BYD DiSus is listed in three branchesamong them Damping Intelligent Body Control System (DiSus-C), L’Intelligent Air Body Control System (DiSus-A) andIntelligent Hydraulic Body Control System (DiSus-P).

Having made progress in the core technologies related to NEVs, BYD has taken the lead in vertical motion control research, surpassing its peers in providing vertical motion control system solutions and NEVs body control system technology expertise.

The BYD DiSus system is the first intelligent body control system developed, launched by a Chinese car company, which marks the transition from zero to one. The BYD DiSus system will further secure BYD’s world-leading position in the industry – said Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD.

A systemic solution for car body control, redefining the intelligent and elegant driving experience

Differentiated from solutions that only focus on one technology or one component improvement, BYD offers a systematic solution for vertical motion control.

The BYD DiSus system takes full advantage of the NEV’s electric and intelligence advantages to create a comprehensive system of recognition, decision-making and execution to significantly improve the driving experience. At the same time, the BYD DiSus system provides integrated control of body movements (lateral, longitudinal and vertical movements), which provides the basis for the future development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

DiSus-P will be installed on Yangwang U8 and DiSus-A on Denza N7.. A number of examples BYD Han, BYD Tang and Denza and access to hardware will be able to prepare DiSus-C over-the-air (OTA) update.

Security is a real luxury

DiSus, the new Intelligent Body Control System launched by BYDThe BYD DiSus system is another technological breakthrough that follows a number of key vehicle technologies including DM Super Hybrid Technology, e-Platform 3.0, Blade Battery and e4 Platform.

As a body control system, the BYD DiSus system ensures that the car is flexible and effectively compliant in many driving conditions, reducing the risk of overturning the car and reducing passenger displacement during high-speed cornering, accelerating the throttle or emergency stop. In addition, the BYD DiSus system can protect the car from scratches and damage in various road conditions such as snowy, muddy and rainy areas.

The BYD DiSus system, designed for superior safety and an intelligent driving experience, elevates the image of the BYD brand through advanced NEV technology. The BYD DiSus system will be available in different models of the BYD Dynasty series, BYD Ocean, Denza, Yangwang and the new brand launched this summer specializing in professional and personalized identities.

Easter Egg, DiSus-X

At the end of the event, manifestation of DiSus-X it’s a poached egg for tonight. Yangwang U9-equipped DiSus-X has demonstrated its ability to play, fly and drive even with only three wheels.and this is an excellent example of the BYD DiSus System, the most advanced vehicle control system in the world.

Source: BYD