DJI Mini 3 Pro debut

DJI Mini 3 Pro debut

Here is another lightweight drone for recreational use. DJI Mini 3 Pro is a Chinese offer, which is sure to attract flying lovers. What does this product have to offer?

Small drone, two versions

First of all, DJI’s latest drone will be released in the market in two variants. DJI Mini 3 Pro you can buy it for PLN 4099time DJI Mini 3 Pro + DJI RC it costs PLN 5099. What is the difference? In the case of the more expensive option, with the drone you also get an improved controller with a color screen that does not require a smartphone to be connected.

In each set you will find one of the controls, a set of propellers and a battery. In this event, the manufacturer also provided a set of accessories Fly More Kit, with two extra batteries, two sets of propellers, a special charger and a case. It’s worth noting because the pre-sale will start on May 10, 2022. DJI Mini 3 Pro it will be available to everyone from 17 May 2022.

How to justify the purchase of such a large amount? If possible, because these are very interesting. It records in 4K / 60 FPS or 1080p / 120 FPS! For this we have a built-in camera with a resolution of 48 Mpix, which allows you to take pictures of satisfactory quality. In particular we can add here support for HDR standards and ISO Native Standards.

Most likely the DJI Mini 3 Pro

Producer DJI Mini 3 Pro boasts that the drone can last up to 34 minutes in the air. The maximum image transmission is 12 km, which is not a bad result. Safety sensors now cover the front, back and bottom of the plane. Thanks to this, the device will be easier to avoid unexpected obstacles.

It also looks attractive ActiveTrack 4.0. This feature allows you to intelligently track various objects – vehicles, animals and people. It is certainly useful for services, researchers and detectives. The manufacturer also claims that he was able to reduce the risk of blocking the engine or gimbal on the grass. The high position of the cams and motors makes the landing bed very high.

Drones are available at authorized stores

Is it enough to interest you in this drone? Or maybe you know similar products that will also be released in the near future?

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