Do you like the V10?  This is a good thing, because the new Audi R8 will be electric

Do you like the V10? This is a good thing, because the new Audi R8 will be electric

We’d all love to see the next version of the Audi R8 with a V10 unit, even though it’s a pipe dream. We will get an electrician – as well as technology from Porsche.

There is only one direction in Ingolstadt. It is called “electricity” and requires a major revolution in the model range. This also applies to sports cars, including high-end ones. Audi R8, appreciated by many for its quiet and dark character, says goodbye to the combustion engine. In return, we get an electric car – albeit a very interesting one.

The successor to the Audi R8 will go hand in hand with Porsche. And that is good news

Electromobility is a number of challenges for manufacturers. Those who make sports cars are particularly affected. As you know, it is difficult to create a unique car of this type. There are no important elements that make up the character of the car – such as the engine, its characteristics and location in the body.

However, Porsche has a recipe for this problem. The Germans know very well that their customers are demanding. Expectations for new electric models are increasing. The Taycan has fulfilled them, but in the case of the 911 no one has the courage to make a revolutionary change yet.

The Porsche 718, which will soon become an electric mechanic, has become the golden mean. The brand from Zuffenhausen has created an impressively designed platform that “simulates” the car with the engine located in the middle. Therefore, the characteristic character of such cars is not lost – and this will please many people.

Everything indicates that the Porsche 718 EV will be a cousin of the new Audi R8

The brands that work in the Volkswagen group can share technology. Audi and Porsche do it regularly, which is why such a move in the case of the R8 will not surprise anyone.

And of course it will be the best decision from the customer’s point of view. They will find a fast and very efficient car with unique features. Therefore, the R8 will also depart from Lamborghini – the Italians are focusing on their own design of BEV vehicles.

Also note that Audi has already tried electrifying the R8

Two R8 E-Tron were built, the second one was temporarily offered for sale. However, no one knows how many such cars were built. They are not very visible, and Audi does not boast of official data. According to rumors, there were less than 100 cars, although many people point to the number not exceeding 10.