Do you like to travel?  Mercedes is working on this right now.  You will love it

Do you like to travel? Mercedes is working on this right now. You will love it

Traveling by car and the so-called van life has recently become a very popular way of spending time – and for many also the idea of ​​life. Mercedes clearly knows what the needs of customers are and is testing it with the introduction of the Marco Polo electric EQT.

Van life in the “eco” version.

The automotive world has been full of ecological solutions for years. Electric motors have already begun to appear even in airplanes, so it is not surprising that “eco-propulsion” is entering the category of cars for travelers.

We did not have to wait long for the appearance of electric mini-motorhomes. After all, until now they were mainly used with diesel (sometimes gasoline), and this is not a reason to be proud among manufacturers these days. Therefore, Mercedes informs about the work small electric car for travelers.

Mercedes EQT Marco Polo will be delivered soon

A lot has happened recently in the Mercedes-Benz portfolio. The electric G-Class is about to hit the streets, a few months ago the EQV car was seen for electricity – and now we learn about the launch of the Marco Polo version of the EQT. This variant is very popular with motorcycling fans.

Today, Mercedes is very surprising about the Marco Polo EQT. On the artwork promoting the Marco Polo EQV super model, there was a sign with the words “Reserved for the EQT Marco Polo Concept“And what we do know about the premiere is that it’s going to happen 2 December 2022.

It could be a sales hit. Electric, comfortable and possibly cheap

As for what is known as van life, you can see for yourself by looking at the ads for the sale of large and small houses on popular sales portals. Their prices have increased significantly in recent years and availability is very low.

More and more people want to travel by car and enjoy the freedom of being behind the wheel. The Mercedes EQT Marco Polo combines everything that today’s customers expect: an electric car, a comfortable interior (with a built-in bed) and a lower price compared to the larger Marco Polo EQV.

Mercedes Benz EQT Concept Mercedes-Benz EQT Concept. Will the Marco Polo variant be similar? (Source: Mercedes)

Technical details of the micro-motorhome will be announced soon. However, it can be expected that the EQT “caravan” will have a battery with a capacity of about 50 kWh, allowing to reach about 300 km of real range.

How do you think Mercedes will be able to show so much enthusiasm after the premiere of the new EQT? Let me know in the comments.

Source: InsideEVs