Do you need a team order to prevent an accident?

Do you need a team order to prevent an accident?

( – Carlos Sainz in P2, Charles Leclerc in P3 on the grid of the Hungarian Grand Prix (2:45 pm in the Formula 1 live ticket) – and many are surprised: Kracht is in the corner the first among Ferrari drivers? Or maybe there is a strong order to prevent that specifically? But this seems to be less of an issue within the team than outside observers.

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc after qualifying at the Hungaroring


Ferrari has been criticized by the media and many fans for not committing to Leclerc as the number 1 driver for 2022. Sainz is currently fourth in the World Cup, 26 points behind Leclerc. This equates to the points win and the fastest race in the same weekend.

“Our goal is always the first and most important is the best result for the team. Ferrari comes first,” says sporting director Laurent Mekies. “But of course we can get to the point where we focus more on one rider than another, if the starting position of the World Championship requires it.”

A solid order before the calculation decision?

The point at which the command of the team can be given for the first time is not necessarily reached when another driver no longer has mathematical chances for the World Championship: “That will happen when we think it is right,” says mekies

First of all, it is about winning the Mogyorod race near Budapest. Positive: Max Verstappen (Red Bull) is only in P10 in qualifying due to a technical problem, and that on a track where passing is considered difficult. Negative: With George Russell (Mercedes), an unexpected opponent is in a strong position.

Sainz is full of hope

“I think we have speed,” said Sainz optimistically. “Starting and tire management will play an important role as always. Mercedes’ race pace is very uncertain. We don’t know if they will be as fast as qualifying. If we can get George at the start, all the better.”

“Our goal is to win the race, we don’t pay much attention to where Max is because for us the points in the World Championship are important, the best way to do that is to look at ourselves and try to finish the race to win. It doesn’t matter where Max finishes,” says Sainz.

Leclerc believes “that Max will need less from tenth place to be at the top”. Especially since the championship leader must beat rivals like Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris before he can get close to the Ferraris.

Are tires becoming a problem?

Unfortunately, they attributed the lost pole position to incompatible tires, among other things. But Leclerc can imagine that it will be different in the race: “We have to be able to adapt to the changing conditions. I had problems with the tires in qualifying, but the race is something completely different.”

Leclerc expects “between one and three” pit stops – a prediction that caused laughter from journalists in the press conference room. Until Russell intervened that Leclerc is probably bad. “The performance is there,” Leclerc is sure. “We’re in a hurry. Hopefully we can create space.”

Neither of them wants to deal with the topic of internal team agreements: “We are only looking after ourselves. Of course we are not taking any risks between the two of us. But otherwise there is no need for any agreement,” says Leclerc. Sainz nods: “Nothing to add to that.”