Dodge Challenger Hellcat Last call, one last video opens the door to speculation

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Last call, one last video opens the door to speculation

Word has been out for a while now that Dodge will end sales of the Dodge Challenger in its monstrous V8 Hellcat versions. The Challenger will not disappear, but it will definitely return as an electric car if we believe the recent information published by the manufacturer and the Daytona SRT EV concept unveiled in August 2022.

It was in the spring that the presentation of special editions of the Challenger Hellcat began, unique models intended to mark the end of the racing car and, in addition, the era of muscle cars
modern Dodge previously introduced the Shakedown Edition, the first in a series of seven Challengers under “Last Call “. Next comes the Challenger Black Ghost, the Swingner Special Edition and the Blacktop Special Edition. All of these unique cars will have a unique plate with a serial number, we understand that they will definitely be cars that are prized by collectors.

Earlier this week, Dodge released a new “teaser” video announcing the arrival of the upcoming “Last Call” Challenger, and this time the model might hit the mark. Rumors are rife that the Challenger Hellcat could produce 900 horsepower. The video shows the demonic pixie hitting the scales and standing at 7.1 pounds. The short video is called “Density Matters”, meaning that density matters.

Weight, compression ratio or displacement?

It was enough for rumors to flood social media as everyone tried to find meaning. Some see it as weight, could Dodge manage to push its car’s power while maintaining a weight reduction of 7.1 pounds compared to a model like the Dodge Demon?

Dodge Challenger Black Ghost

The reference to density leads some to believe it is charger pressure. The air/fuel mixture is the basis of a car’s performance. Does the 7.1 pounds refer to the increased compression ratio?

The most optimistic people go there based on their theory and also to see the displacement of the V8 Hemi engine that can be increased to 7.2 liters, but this situation brings some challenges. At 6.4 liters, the Hemi engine is already at a high level. However, it is known that Dodge sells in the aftermarket the Elephant engine whose displacement of 7.0 liters makes it possible to develop more than 900 horsepower. It would be amazing if the manufacturer would go in this direction.

We will be fixed on March 20, 2023, when the manufacturer will raise the curtain on the “Last Call” of this new Dodge Challenger.