Dodge stops production of Charger and Challenger: the second death of “muscle cars”

Dodge stops production of Charger and Challenger: the second death of “muscle cars”

Half a century after environmental standards and the first fuel shock got the best of these popular sports cars that have become mythical bombs, the second generation is dying for the same reason. Create a transmission line.

The American manufacturer Dodge, a subsidiary of Stellantis that specializes in sports sedans, coupes and SUVs, has decided to end the production of its two flagship models at the end of 2023. The Charger and Challenger were the rebirth of an era, that of the first American sports cars . it was aimed at the baby boomers of America.

Bullitt Killers, Dukes and Dominic Toreto

The Charger is an American legend in the same way as the Ford Mustang. Never distributed in Europe, the Dodge has nevertheless been imprinted on our retinas as a GT coupe. British racing Green and Steve McQueen, in “Bullit”. In a hot pursuit in the streets of San Francisco, it is the black car of the bad guy. In the spirit of the “Sheriff, fear me” bootleggers, it’s the General Lee, Duke Brothers’ orange box. And it is also one of the favorite mechanics of Vin Diesel, aka Dominic Toreto, in the “Fast and Furious” series.

Born as a two-door coupé with endless lines of the late sixties, and equipped with a huge V8 with more than six liters of displacement and sometimes 600 hp that made it difficult to go anywhere but… straight ahead, the Charger . it appeared again in 2006 in the body of an attractive sedan. In its most powerful version, the R / T, eight cylinders of 5.7 liters, claimed 340 hp. Since then it has stopped taking the trunk, 707 hp in its Hellcat definition, along with the equally ugly first cousin, the Challenger. Here we reach the finish of the SRT Demon, the last infernal coupé to produce 840 hp, but it still pleased the producers of films (“Fast and Furious”, “Miami Vice”) and television (“NCIS”, “The Walking Dead”).

Breaking barriers and burning the ball – that’s what we do. ? #DodgeSpeedWiki

-Dodge (@Dodge) August 22, 2022

Powerful engines without meaning

With the Mustang finding its face after two decades of wandering, these two have combined for fifteen years to make a real comeback. muscle cars which enchanted the American youth of the sixties and ignited the collector market. Cars that were cheap, with better lines than the traditional sedans and station wagons of American families at the time, with a big engine to make the tires smoke on the run and… voila.

The case lasted until the first oil crisis of 1973 and the road safety and environmental protection laws. These (very powerful) cars braked a little, turned badly, used a truckload of fuel every evening and we were too dead at the wheel to last as rent. They disappeared – or faded – before being reborn in the 2000s of cheap oil and still (very) incomplete awareness of the environment, safe and always cheap. But what killed them in 1973 haunts them again, fifty years later.

It will never be the same again

Owned by the French-Italian group Stellantis, Dodge will stop production of the Charger and Challenger with this wrong Hellcat engine at the end of 2023, mainly to save nature and energy. It will sell the last copies decorated with the “Last Call” plate, which will give them the status ofthe last collector and it should make them more difficult to find in France, where a few copies are imported on an isolated basis each year.

Dodge shows performance enthusiasts hints of future products and @Dodge #The burden Daytona #SRT Concept of 2022 @semashow. Concept updates include a new Stryker Red exterior color, showing the brand’s road to an electrified muscle car future.


— Stellantis North America (@StellantisNA) 1 November 2022

The decision of the Carlos Tavares team paves the way for a new generation of extreme sports cars, promised Tim Kuniskis, the boss of the Detroit brand, whose inspiration will be electric, the spirit of the times. A prototype of these future electric muscle cars was unveiled at the end of 2022, the Charger Daytona SRT Concept, which would go on sale in 2024. Slim and cat-like, but without the rib-shaking, sulfur-smelling, raw V8 noise. wildness and a soul corresponding to the myth reborn.

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