Does BMW rely on circular cells in the new class?

Does BMW rely on circular cells in the new class?

Shortly after BMW boss Oliver Zipse confirmed that the new 2025 platform will be used first in the 3-column segment and will probably only be used electronically, the following strategic changes have been revealed: According to reports, BMW could open batteries to replace round cells .

The Bloomberg news agency wants to know. In its current electronic formats such as iX and i4, BMW relies on prismatic cells in various sizes. These are installed individually in their cuboid housing, in which BMW then applies a protective coating before the cells are installed in the module.

That may be different from the new class, as Reuters now reports on sources that understand the processes. The new cells will be manufactured by existing BMW distributors – currently CATL, Samsung SDI, Northvolt and EVE Energy.

According to sources, the structure will help achieve the goal of reducing costs by 30 percent. BMW’s new circular cells are said to exceed Tesla’s energy density by “at least two percent digit”. However, it is not clear what cell structure or cell chemistry the Munich company prefers.

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Although BMW has been using prismatic cells since i3, changes in cell structure do not bring complete surprise. BMW had already announced last year that it was developing a new generation of “New Class” electric car batteries. “We want to significantly increase cellular energy density and at the same time reduce material and production costs. We will also significantly reduce the use of basic materials to ensure a truly ‘green’ battery,” said BMW boss Oliver Zipse. at that time. For this sixth generation of electronic drive technology, evaluate different cell structure, cell chemistry as well as cell modules.

If these assessments actually lead to BMW relying on round cells in the future, it will be the second strategic change around a new class, which will be known within a few days. Zipse recently said that the new class should be battery-only and should be used mainly in the middle class. Previously, there was always a discussion of “column architecture” around the new class, which future models from 1 to 7 should rely on – with the “first power” approach, but also with the Hybrids plug option and. combustion engines. (pay for wall)

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