Does the Dodge Hornet affect the reliability of the Alfa Romeo Tonale?

Does the Dodge Hornet affect the reliability of the Alfa Romeo Tonale?

With much fanfare, Alfa Romeo launched the Tonale as a true Italian product with a truly unique look, high quality Alfa average and dynamic driving characteristics. But now that the Tonale is cool for the dealer, the Dodge Hornet appears in America. That’s Tonale’s American brother, twin brother…

Notice, that Alfa Romeo Tonale is not a brand new model. The technical basis is laid by the old Jeep Compass, although the Alfa Romeo technicians have given the Italian descendant different chassis elements, a widened track width and other wheels. The steering was also modified to give the Tonale a real Alfa character. So you could say that the Dodge Hornet is a modified Jeep, but with Tonale racing overalls.

The Dodge Hornet was ready soon after the launch of the Alfa Romeo Tonale

That the Hornet was in the pipeline is not surprising. Shortly after the unveiling of the Tonale, a few copies of the Hornet were already at the factory, equipped with weapons of the American brand. Alfa Romeo had already denied that the Hornet would be offered in the US market instead of the Tonale. The automaker has already announced the 2.0 liter cylinder for the market.

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Dodge Hornet, brother of Alfa Romeo Tonale.

Dodge Hornet comes with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, which on paper more than 50 km can be driven fully electric. The impressive power of the combined gasoline and electric motor is transferred to the road through four wheels.

Americans put plug-in hybrids like R/T and enthusiasts then know that this is a high-performance sport model. The four-cylinder without electric assistance looks like a GT. This applies to the US market. The Alfa Romeo Tonale sibling does not come to Europe, although the small SUV is built here. The name was also used by Dodge in the past, for a compact hatchback. The example remained a study example. The concept car was presented in 2006.

First test Alfa Romeo Tonale: is the look good enough?

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