Dog ‘driver’ in China pulls cart to pick up kindergarten girl, jealous classmates say it’s ‘Rolls-Royce’ for kids

Dog ‘driver’ in China pulls cart to pick up kindergarten girl, jealous classmates say it’s ‘Rolls-Royce’ for kids

A little girl in China, sitting on a small rickshaw pulled by her pet dog, has made people on mainland social networks call it “Royce-Royce in the kids’ world”.

A viral video filmed by a teacher shows a Labrador Retriever pulling a wooden rickshaw to pick up the girl from kindergarten, Zhejiang TV reported.

The dog is seen waiting patiently outside a school in Xingtai in northern China’s Hebei province, with the girl’s father petting it as a sign that it is ready for “work”.

The clever dog places himself inside the frame of the rickshaw and places his head and shoulders on the coupling. When the girl sits down, she pulls the rickshaw while the father walks beside her.

A little girl is pulled by her trusty dog ​​as her kindergarten classmates look on. Photo: Douyin

“I saw a parent bringing a pet dog to pick up his child. I took the video because I thought the scene was interesting,” the teacher said. “The interaction between them is full of love and warmth.”

The dog, a two-year-old male named Barton, was trained to pull the cart in the past few weeks, according to Douyin’s father’s account.

Her videos showed the girl smiling on her way home, looking relaxed and eating melon seeds as she went.

Mainland social media viewers are delighted with the videos.

“The dog is proud and happy. Look, it’s wagging its tail while other parents and children are watching. It seems to be saying, ‘friends, we’re going first’,” one online observer said.

“This is definitely the Rolls-Royce of the children’s world. This little girl is happier than those sitting in a BMW or Benz,” said another.

A clearly delighted teenager arrives home with his breathing pet still on his leash. Photo: Douyin

“Do not show this video to my child. He will ask me to buy a Labrador Retriever,” said the third.

Stories about interactions between pets and their owners are popular in China.

In 2023, online viewers were delighted by a five-year-old girl in eastern Jiangsu province who played a doctor with her dog as a patient.

Photos of a pet cat dressed up by its female owner in southwest China in a wig and exotic clothing also went viral in 2022.