domestic production of Fiat brand cars will start in March 2023

domestic production of Fiat brand cars will start in March 2023

(Agence Ecofin) – Like South Africa and Morocco, Algeria has the ambition to produce enough cars to satisfy the domestic and continental market.

The Italian company Fiat Automobiles, the international subsidiary of Stellantis, will launch the production of its cars in Algeria from next March, according to Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune. The factory, located in the city of Oran, will produce 60,000 cars per year starting from the first year, and later it will increase to 90,000 cars per year.

“Fiat is starting to open its workshops and the production of cars will start soon, in March, as well as the sale of cars of the Italian brand, including electric ones”, said the Head of State yesterday Monday.

As part of its operations in Algeria, the manufacturer had signed an agreement with the government in October 2022 to produce and sell together with cars, spare parts of the FIAT brand, and develop after-sales service as well as other industrial activities.

Algeria is promoting the development of the domestic car industry as part of its policy to reduce imports of used cars. It wants to be one of the major players in the automotive industry in Africa.

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