Don’t let feds make Idaho a vassal of California | Guest Opinions

Don’t let feds make Idaho a vassal of California | Guest Opinions

The federal government shouldn’t be allowed to impose California’s will on Idaho, transforming the state into a vassal of its powerful neighbor to the south. This is especially true with respect to energy policy. Idaho’s citizens are entitled to determine their own energy future, one which preserves the state’s independence and autonomy.

The Golden State, thanks to its outsized influence in Washington, D.C., is attempting to extend its authority beyond its borders and into Idaho. This is evidenced by a recent push from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to force the state to join the Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM). This move would effectively place Idaho’s electrical grid under the control of California.

Idaho’s leaders have rightly pushed back against this decision. The EIM would require the state to purchase and sell electricity on the California market, while also forcing it to adopt the same price controls and regulations. This would leave Idaho without its own independent energy policy and subject to the whims of a state with completely different goals and objectives.

It’s also worth noting that the EIM is a market scheme that has yet to prove itself. While its proponents say it will lead to lower energy costs for Idahoans, the reality is that the costs of joining the market could be considerable. The state would be required to invest in new infrastructure and technology in order to comply with the EIM’s rules and regulations, as well as to pay for the costs of participating in the market itself.

Moreover, the EIM could also lead to higher energy prices for Idahoans. The market is designed to be open to any participant, including those from other states with higher energy costs. This means that Idahoans could potentially be paying higher prices for electricity than if they remained in a separate, independent market.

All of this makes it clear that Idaho should not be forced to join the EIM. The state should be allowed to determine its own energy future, one that respects its autonomy and independence. It should not be subject to the dictates of a powerful neighbor seeking to extend its control. Idahoans deserve to have their voices heard and their interests respected. It is up to the federal government to ensure that their rights are protected.