Don’t wait – Renault cars for fast pickup.  And at a discount!  |

Don’t wait – Renault cars for fast pickup. And at a discount! |

Renault has passenger cars for quick pickup. Among the models available in stock are Renault Clio, Captur, Arkana and Megane E-Tech 100% electric. Selected vehicles can be delivered to selected dealers throughout Poland.

Production conditions have improved so much that we have shortened the waiting time for ordered cars and many models are available practically immediately. An additional benefit for the customer – in addition to fast delivery – is an attractive financing and insurance offer – says Tomasz Mróz, CEO of Renault in Poland and the Baltic States.

Renault Clio

The Renault Clio offer with a pick-up date is an opportunity to get a discount of up to PLN 3,000, when leaving the car at a residence or with insurance at the rate of 1%. The discount may be even bigger for customers who decide to buy a car from 2022. A special offer has been launched on Renault Clio, where the customer can get up to PLN 7,600 (benefit of discount and insurance discount).

Within the “Fast Track” program (delivery up to 30 days) you can buy a Renault Clio in a version with many accessories. technology TCE 140 in Easy Box attractive financing from PLN 649 per month. Various financing periods are available.

Renault Captur

Renault Captur in the “Fast Track” offer (delivery within 30 days) is available in the version technology compact hybrid 140 EDC with automatic transmission. Different financing periods are possible. You can combine the offer with the car insurance offer at the rate of 1% or the Easy Care package offer. In June this year, the customer can get additional equipment worth PLN 12,800 in Easy Box credit.

When buying a 2022 Renault Captur, the buyer can get a discount of up to PLN 4,000.

Renault Arkana

When buying a Renault Arkana in a limited offer from the 2022 production year, the customer can now get up to PLN 13,800 in discounts and insurance. By choosing Arkana from the model year 2023, the customer can earn PLN 4,500 for leaving the current car in the residence (regardless of the brand) or take advantage of 1% insurance.

Renault Megane E-Tech electric

Electric Renault Megane E-Tech is available with limited offers at the moment, with benefits for the buyer of up to PLN 58,000 (discount up to PLN 24,000 + co-financing from the “My Electrician” program + 1.3% insurance benefit).


Renault is a long-standing car manufacturer known for innovation and pioneering in the electric vehicle segment in Europe. With the adoption of the “Renaulution” strategic plan, the brand is betting on ambitious, value-creating changes. It strives to increase the competitiveness, refinement and electrification of its range. Renault’s goal is to set new standards and introduce innovative services in the areas of technology, energy use and mobility, not only in the automotive sector. Renault has been present on the Polish car market since 1991. The Renault Group in Poland is a network of 79 authorized Renault showrooms and service centers, as well as 23 PRO+ showrooms and service centers dedicated to serving customers of institution. Renault has been the market leader in refurbished cars in Poland for 14 years.

source: Renault Poland

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