Driving an electric car with Volkswagen?  These are examples of ID – Electricauto.nl

Driving an electric car with Volkswagen? These are examples of ID – Electricauto.nl

More and more people are choosing to drive electric cars. The variety of electric vehicles is increasing, there is an increasing supply, the price of gasoline is increasing and from 2030 all new passenger cars coming to market must be 100% electric. Volkswagen is responding to this with a series of their own badges. Know their different models.

ID. 3

Are you looking for one? electric car and a good range? ID.3 probably has a greater range. Its range can be up to 559 km. This car has clean lines and a mature face. The interior is well equipped with many driver assistance systems as standard.

Identification. 4

The ID.4 is Volkswagen’s electric SUV. That this is a popular car is proven by the fact that this car was chosen as the World Car of the Year in 2021. The mileage is up to 528 km. The trunk space is large and the car moves well on the road. You can also order the SUV in the GTX sports version.


During the production of the ID.5, Volkswagen combined the appearance of a real SUV with the elegant silhouette of a Coupé. With a range of up to 533 km, the car does not have to be connected to the charger every time. This electric car can also be ordered in a GTX sports version.


ID. Buzz

The ID Buzz is a traditional Volkswagen car, but in an electric jacket. Fans have been waiting for this for a long time. Buzz can be used by individuals, for example for a road trip. It is also a suitable car as a company car. With a maximum range of 412 km, the range is somewhat less than that of other ID models, but this is still a good distance. With two charges you are on the Côte d’Azur and you can also take more than enough things in this electric car.

Volkswagen Buzz ID

ID. 7

The latest electric car from Volkswagen is the id.7. Or it will be, because this car is not on the market yet. Volkswagen expects the ID.7 to be the new flagship of electric vehicles with screens with a range of up to 700 kilometers. The ID.7 will be on the market by 2026.

Volkswagen ID.7

ID. 2 all concepts

Volkswagen offers and ID. The 2all concept is a preview of a new, all-electric car that will hit the market in 2025. This concept shows the design direction Volkswagen is taking. Identification. The 2all is an electric car with the exterior dimensions of a Polo, but offers as much space inside as a Golf. In addition, it has an impressive range of up to 450 km.