Driving Test: First Edition Range Rover P530 (2022)

Driving Test: First Edition Range Rover P530 (2022)

When launching a new Range Rover, it is always a matter of holding a little veneer. The model has a very different audience that you can go to both sides at all times. For example, one party is looking for a more sophisticated gem to show off, while the other extreme is based on Britain’s no-nonsense luxury experience. Land Rover has to reconcile the two into one big car, and it can’t be easy.

Modern dining room

You see that in the sense in the appearance of the new Range Rover – especially when you put its predecessor in the opposite. Looking at both generations ahead, the new one seems to be something more advanced. In addition, the light units were reduced to a minimum, the grille was more visible and the bumper cleared slightly, but did not appear to be much more. However, looking back, there is a bit of a ‘Range Rover’ at first glance. The back has been given a completely new design that is so small that you don’t even notice the lights in it right away. That’s why it’s cleverly hidden in a series of black decorative elements, and it only comes when necessary.

Inside it looks like in English dining room but which has been cunningly crafted for the 21st century. our First. However, designers have been able to combine conventional upholstery with modern touches such as a floating touch screen and digital drive display. There are also very few physical controls, but you will still find everything you need in your wallet. Alternatively, stress may occur if you cannot easily reduce the temperature of your cooling seat while driving, and the stress is exactly what this Range Rover does not want to give you.

Because it is possible

This also applies to this powerful train, which, despite its great potential, shows no sporting aspirations at all. The 4.4-liter V8 engine with two turbos remains obedient to the rear during normal operation, until you get the impression that the big block is just because it can. Tap the lever directly, however, with one weak movement of the toe in its sports position and lift your foot on the left foot, then remove – with a slight delay – 530 hp and 750 Nm of torque. If you give the Range Rover a chance to prepare by choosing its ‘Dynamic’ mode through the dial, this 2.5-ton SUV will run up to 100 kilometers per hour for a staggering 4.6 seconds.

First Edition Range Rover P530 2022

“Horror” is not a slightly chosen word, because every time you make a perfect sound with this device you can’t avoid the feeling that a lot of power has no place in a high, heavy car. An effective stop-moving system and adjustable air suspension can do their best to keep the Range Rover in motion, but there is always something surprising about how the nose is pointing upwards and that the engine roars as it speeds up. So we thought it best to expand that ‘because you can’ view of your Range Rover P530, and use its infinite torque especially to travel quietly and quietly.

Turning the Golf Circle

That’s what this Range Rover can do best: travel. He loves miles of raw roads, because there the air suspension makes it look like you are driving in the clouds. In the city, these dampers reduce the best balance, and you really should look for a great threshold to irritate the car. However, this does not make this SUV a rocky warship, because due to the new system, which operates anti-roll according to the 48-volt system, the car remains flat in bends. Only an eight-speed automatic transmission reduces the smooth experience at low speeds, because it dares to switch unsafe and reacts with a slight delay. We assume, however, that we only see that because the other part of the car is so smooth and polished that one jolt jumps out immediately.

First Edition Range Rover P530 2022

By the way, it should be a smaller penalty than ever to venture into the city with your new Range Rover, because from a generation change you can order a car with a rear axle. It can lead up to seven degrees, reducing the turning rotation to 10.95 meters. That may not tell you much, but the Volkswagen Golf is only 5 inches long in reference. However, make no mistake: the latest operating time should be relied on multiple cameras, which can also give you a good overview of the obstacles around your expensive 23-inch rims while on the road. We wouldn’t have dared immediately with a copy like this, but thanks to its sophisticated Dynamic Response system and the distinctive lock lock, the Range Rover still has to be able to make it even better.

Suitcases or kings

Speaking of ease of use: of course there is no shortage of space in such a large SUV. In a copy with ‘Executive Class’ seats such as our First Edition, the position is used primarily for the rear passenger, where the two lucky ones each get a 24-seat adjustable, warm and cooled and well-pressed seat. . . They run it through an 8-inch screen in the middle part of the armrest, and if you fold it – of course electrically – an extra seat is created for one poor soul. You can also fold the whole thing down, though you will never find a flat loading floor with this complex rear seat. If you set the seats straight, you have 818 liters of stem volume as usual.

First Edition Range Rover P530 2022

It is clear that you will not miss the two outer seats in the back, although the living room in the Range Rover with a standard wheel is not quite royal. So if you come from such a background, it might be best to order a copy with the longest wheel. On the other hand, if the emphasis is on the front seats, then you have nothing to complain about. As usual, the Range Rover has comfortable seats with a soft headset and every extra hand arm for feeling the armrest. In addition, infotainment is also modern – literally – thanks to Pivi Pro’s new Land Rover system and aerial updates

the price of wealth

Then we finally came to the proverbial elephant in the room: the price tag of the new Range Rover. Let’s start with the slightest shock effect, because the First Edition with V8 as our test sample will cost you at least 183,916 euros. However, if you do not have such luxury, you can ride a Range Rover on your road from 128,581 euros. That remains a lot of money, but fortunately it also has power supplies, front and rear fire seats, standard leather upholstery, all infotainment with a smartphone connection and plenty of driver support. By the way, it comes standard with a 3.0-liter six-cylinder diesel engine that this item still has to get off the ground.


The most popular SUV in the world is new, and it shows from many angles. This fifth generation improves the Range Rover experience a little further, so much so that the idea of ​​leaving a hit song never comes to mind. On the pavement, the new Range Rover is convincing enough, with its soft butter driving atmosphere and its quiet whisper cabinet. Even with the V8 on the front, this device continues to highlight the UK’s normal stability.


4.4-liter V8 gasoline engine


8-speed automatic

Price test car

€ 183 916.00

Basic model price

€ 128 581.00

Average test usage

12.60 liters per 100 km