Driving Volvo FH and FMX Electric

Driving Volvo FH and FMX Electric

Last year we got to know the all-electric Volvo FM, FMX and FH in Sweden. Now there was an opportunity to test them for a long time in our own country.

Watch the video at the bottom of this page.

We’ve said it before: the transition to alternative drives is in full swing. You can see this in the speed with which manufacturers develop electric trucks. Some are available and are being released serially. There are also trucks that use hydrogen as fuel. Time will tell which shape will eventually make the most trucks. It can be a combination: electric trucks for distribution and short distances and hydrogen for international transport.

It is certain that much will change in the coming years, with the role of fossil-free and pollution-free pumping only increasing. It should be, because climate agreements and many other environmental resolutions enforce such changes and also determine the speed at which they occur. This is even visible in the Netherlands, because on January 1, 2025, 25 municipalities will establish zero-emission zones. It is not yet clear exactly what these will be, but it is something that the shipping operator will have to answer.

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Before hitting the public road, we go up and down the airport taxiway a few times for video. That’s once a great opportunity to see how fast such an electric truck is. That’s why after turning on the gas it continues full. Without drama, the Volvo FMX takes off and just keeps accelerating. Shortly before the next turning point we hit 75 km / h. Wow, and that on such a short stretch of a few hundred meters. You can forget about having diesel. Not that this is the case with the electric truck, but it shows what the technology can do. You won’t use it very often in everyday traffic, if only because it’s bad for your range. Fortunately the batteries are full, so that after this ‘Spielerei’ we still have enough to reach Beesd.