DS Automobiles after the first half of 2022 in Spain – 33% increase – Francuska.pl – Dziennik Motoryzacyjny

DS Automobiles after the first half of 2022 in Spain – 33% increase – Francuska.pl – Dziennik Motoryzacyjny

DS Automobiles brand recognition is growing – it is gaining new customers in private markets and recording a significant increase in sales. This is happening not only in Poland, but also in Spain.

More and more people who have been buying German cars until now are considering at least buying a French car in the same segment. Of course, I don’t mean big limousines and big SUVs, because DS Cars doesn’t have such cars. But if someone wants to stop with a car in the premium segment, then in the range of city cars, compact cars or the D / E segment, they have an interesting alternative.

DS Automobiles is unique for its commitment to sustainability and electrification, which is reflected in one value: 89.4 g / km, the lowest average carbon emissions in the Spanish market for a premium high-energy brand (i.e. multi-car). . E-Tense versions (electric and PHEV) account for 44% of brand registrations in Spain.

The first half of 2022 ended on a positive note for the DS Automobiles brand. With 2,500 subscriptions these six months, the brand rose to sixth place in the Spanish premium market in its first full year, with a market share of 3.7%, offering four categories that cover 70% of the top sales in the country. DS Automobiles records an increase in registrations by 33.6%, and this is due to a decrease in sales in the premium market by 14.9% compared to the same period in 2021.

Sustainable development and respect for the environment are two important concepts in the commercial success of DS Automobiles in the past six months. With an average emission of 89.4 g/km of CO2 across its entire product range, it is not only the premium multi-fuel brand with the lowest emissions among premium brands, but also the leader in the same classification in the Spanish market. These exceptional results are largely the result of the success of the E-Tense range, which includes hybrid electric and plug-in models.

The 1,101 registrations of the E-Tense version account for 44% of DS Automobiles’ total sales in Spain and translate into the most electrified vehicles among all premium car brands in the Spanish market. The DS 7 Crossback E-Tense is the model leader, with 807 units registered, which is the second best-selling hybrid model in Spain.

In the second half of the year, the new DS 7 will enter the market (so far only released in three countries: France, Belgium and Italy), which the brand renews its strong presence in the premium SUV segment. For this new generation, the design features have been enhanced at the front with a new radiator grille, headlights, more precise headlamps and an aerodynamic bumper. Inside is the new Iris System technology that includes a 3D viewer, voice recognition and the latest connectivity. A new version of the E-Tense 4×4 with 360 horsepower will appear in the DS 7 range..

In addition, DS Automobiles will continue to enhance the customer experience through DS Only You services such as exclusive You Only Preference services or the special DS Valet approach.

DS Automobiles, always at the forefront of technology, offers its customers the opportunity to purchase any model from its online offering. This new development, which is added to dealer sales, allows the customer to start a DS car and buy it directly online through a DS store (https://store.dsautomobiles.es/) Combining the best of online and offline, customers can choose whether they want to pick up their new DS car at a DS dealership or have it delivered directly to their doorstep. During this purchase process, you can both choose the financing that best suits you and request a quote for the vehicle to be delivered (https://www.tasacion.dsautomobiles.es) All through the DS online sales site is run from a customer friendly point of view.

comp. Krzysztof Gregorczyk; photo: DS Automobiles

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