Ducati Panigale V4S vs BMW S1000RR.  The fight at Tor Poznań that I did not know

Ducati Panigale V4S vs BMW S1000RR. The fight at Tor Poznań that I did not know

Last year, we were able to ride the Poznań Circuit for a while, courtesy of Aprilia, when we admired the amazing RSV4 and RSV4 Factory. At the time, however, these were very experimental trips, with, after all, a borrowed motorcycle. We have now been able to ride our bikes, namely the BMW S1000RR and the Ducati Panigale V4S.

After all, Tor Poznań is our center of memory. It is here that we have raced for many seasons with small and big successes, but the most important thing has always been this one race – and ourselves. Therefore, we were a little afraid of this arrival in Przeźmierowo, but not because of any great stress. Instead with the disturbing question “what will it be like?”.

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And what did we find in Tor Poznań? If someone missed the only FIM scheduled in Poland a few years ago, they might be surprised. There are new toilets, and when you go to shower you don’t have to go ankle deep in… liquid. This is a definite plus. We know that it is funny to talk about such things, but if one has seen how the race track, or rather its infrastructure, can look, there is nothing like laughter in Poznań, or at least for many, many years. .

The tent boxes themselves (really, they sound terrible – and with its beige dust cover it looks the same) are also slightly improved, because … they are closed with doors. And this paving stone … Without your own floor, you have a chance to pass under without getting a motorcycle!

On the other hand, you will get to know about our trip to our beloved Poznań Circuit after watching the latest episode of “Gamoni”.

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