Dutch Open Championship: Meijerink and Detz/Portijk won / Grass Track

Dutch Open Championship: Meijerink and Detz/Portijk won / Grass Track

In the first round of the Dutch Open, Dave Meijerink defeated his colleague Romano Hummel. In the sidecar, Wilfred Detz/Bridget Portijk (NL) won ahead of Brits Mitch Godden/Paul Smith.

The 2024 grass track opener for the Dutch Open grass track championship in Vries (Drenthe) was held this time with a very small German participation. Among the soloists, only Jens Benneker from AMSC L├╝dinghausen was at the start. Although he reached the last place, he could not qualify for the final in fourth place. In the end, Wagenfelder was only left with 8th place.

In the sidecar class, Jan Kempa and co-driver Sina Stickling managed to complete just one run. The couple from DMSC Bielefeld came last.

Among the singles, Dave Meijerink showed that he is a force to be reckoned with again this season. After the hot sun, the 24-year-old from Schuinesloot was level with Romano Hummel from Groningen with 19 points. By that time, each of the two GP drivers had beaten their direct competitor once. In the final, Meijerink was ahead. Henry van der Steen followed in third ahead of William Kruit, Nigel Hummel and Jarno de Vries.

Among the teams, the newly formed team Wilfred Detz and co-driver Bridget Portijk dominated the game. With a clean high score, the mixed duo showed that they are aiming not only to win the title at the Dutch Open, but also at the European Championships.

Racing tricycles were certainly not regular customers. The fastest teams lined up Vries and Brits Mitchel Godden/Paul Smith and Josh and Scott Goodwin with Danes Mike Frederiksen/Jette Maersk. But Detz/Portijk stopped everyone. With five wins in five races, nothing can be done against them.

Results Dutch Open Grass Track Vries (NL), Solo:

1. Dave Meijerink (NL). 24 Struck
2. Romano Hummel (NL), 23
3. Henry van der Steen (NL), 19
4. William Kruit (NL), 14
5. Nigel Hummel (NL), 17
6. Jarno de Vries (NL), 12
7. Charley Powell (GB), 11
8. Jens Benneker (D), 10
9. Lars Zandvliet (NL), 9
10. Kevin Glorie (NL), 8
11. Mika Meijer (NL), 7
12. John Cox (GB), 4
13. Luke Harris (GB), 4
Final Position Temperature: 1. De Vries, 2. Kruit, 3. Powell, 4. Benneker, 5. Zandvliet, 6. Glorie (d).
End: 1. Meijerink, 2. R. Hummel, 3. Van der Steen, 4. Kruit, 5. N. Hummel, 6. De Vries.

Results sidecar Vries (NL):

1. Wilfred Detz/Bridget Portijk (NL), 25 points
2. Mitch Godden/Paul Smith (GB), 19
3. Josh Goodwin/Scott Goodwin (GB), 16
4. Mike Frederiksen/Jette Maersk (DK), 17
5. Joachim Martens/Des Vanzonhoven (B), 13
6. Kenny van Eeckhout/Axelle Cannaerts (B), 7
7. Ben Ilsey/Luke Russell (GB), 10
7. Anthony Sarrailh/Benjamin Gregory (F), 9
8. Bart Schuiling/Annette Schuiling (NL), 4
9. Jan Kempa/Sina Stickling (D), 2
Final Position Temperature: 1. Martens/Vanzonhoven, 2. Van Eeckhout/Cannaerts, 3. Ilsey/Russell, 4. Sarrailh/Gregoire.
End: 1. Detz/Portijk, 2. Godden/Smith, 3. Goodwin/Goodwin, 4. Frederiksen/Maersk, 5. Martens/Vanzonhoven, 6. Van Eeckhout/Cannaerts.