Dutch Sam’s Garage will build a modified Jeep Wrangler –

Dutch Sam’s Garage will build a modified Jeep Wrangler –

Holland is home to an even richer automaker in the form of Sam’s Garage, a company that will build and sell modified Jeeps Wranglers. The model comes from Dutch Heritage Customs, the base of Jeep and (if needed) from America’s Most Wanted 4×4, the American company that supplies the Wrangler with the most powerful V8. This week, Sam’s Garage presents its products and brand for the first time at Masters Expo Amsterdam 2022, which takes place from Thursday to Sunday.

In its own words, Sam’s new Garage, founded by Samuel van Vollenhoven (son of Prince Bernhard van Oranje), is the producer of “the world’s first performance-oriented luxury Jeep Wranglers”. Those performance claims are in the suspension retuning and (optionally) in the engine range. Sam’s Garage is the new Dutch partner of America’s Most Wanted 4×4, which puts Hemi V8 engines into Jeeps Wranglers. The result: up to 840 (!) Jeep Wrangler horsepower. Sam’s Garage takes design copies and then loads them with high quality materials and exterior modifications. They were created by Dutch Heritage Customs, with which architect Niels van Roij is also involved.

Are you interested in one custom Jeep Wrangler, then you can choose from two versions at Sam’s Garage: one with 20-inch wheels and heavy-duty off-road tires and one with 22-inch wheels wrapped in sports rubber. You further distinguish the variants by looking at the grille: in the off-road version it has the traditional, vertical Jeep bars. For a functional taste, the bars are left out and you get one big opening.

The seats have been completely restored at Sam’s Garage.

The suspension and brakes are also modified at Sam’s Garage for better handling. Jeep was already allowed to prove this at the Zandvoort circuit, as seen in the photo. The new player in the car world is keeping quiet about further technical modifications – except for a different exhaust system. In addition, it appears that the V8 conversion of America’s Most Wanted 4×4 is optional. Normally, the Jeep Wrangler in the Netherlands is only available with a hybrid powertrain.

Totally up to personal preference

We suspect that you can release that variant in unmodified form at Sam’s Garage. What the new company still offers you is an external fix. In addition to the aforementioned grille and wheels, Sam’s Garage will paint your Wrangler in the color of your choice. Additional details of gray color outside are also possible. In the interior of the highway, Sam’s Garage offers a completely new and high-quality finish, using mostly – your choice – leather or Alcantara. Sports seats, a separate sound system and personal information are also possible. Every Wrangler is built to the customer’s specifications.

Details on when Sam’s Garage products will be available will follow. Interested people can in any case already enjoy the new product this weekend at the Masters Show in Amsterdam. Chances are few, because Jeep is doing better business than ever with its current Wrangler. In 2021 and 2022 together, the brand sold around 300 in the Netherlands.

Sam's Jeep Wrangler Garage

The Performance-oriented version gets this barless grille.