E-cars drive combustion engines – conclusion: “Waste of energy!”

E-cars drive combustion engines – conclusion: “Waste of energy!”

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From: Julian Bauman

Because his electric car has to go to the garage, the driver reverts to the combustion engine for a short time. He is surprised by the amount of energy required for heating.

When drivers of long-term combustion engines drive a fully electric car for the first time, they first have to cope. The lack of engine sound, quick acceleration, but high speed and multiple displays of battery charge, the remaining range and the distance to the next charging station can sometimes seem surprising. Turn on Tesla drivers returned to the combustion engine after six months, because he missed driving Stromer. The driver of the electric car was also surprised when he drove the combustion engine again after a long time, as he reports in the Facebook group about e-mobility.

The driver of an electric car drives a combustion engine and wonders about the heating operation

in electric cars almost all technical functions are powered by batteries. Accordingly, the use of light or heating in winter and air conditioning in summer is at the expense of various types of electricity. A Facebook user, who had to switch to a combustion engine model because his electric car was in the garage, was surprised by the high energy consumption because the heat only works when the piston engine is working. Other users in the group, on the other hand, are of the opinion that heating is still the most sensible function of the combustion engine, as reported by bw24.de.

Because his electric car was in the garage, the driver had to run the combustion engine again. He wondered about the “waste of energy” during the heat. (sign photo) © Oliver Berg/dpa

When the driver of the e-car said he was driving the combustion engine “for a long time”, he was surprised by the hot work. “It’s funny when a piston engine has to be fired up in a car to run the heater,” he writes. “What a waste of energy!” What would cause an outcry among combustion engine drivers was largely embraced by the electric car group. “Heating is the wisest and most efficient use for internal combustion engines,” says one user. Another reminds that combustion engine drivers are after all about “the sound and vibrations of this piston engine”.

Another user in the group comments that the oil heating still works well. “Driving with it is not very economical,” he explains. “Of course, there are better alternatives to both.” A Tesla driver in the group explains that when he briefly switched to a gasoline engine, he missed out on free charging at charging stations, pilot and one-pedal driving, among other things. . “Yes, I missed recovery yesterday too,” writes the author of the article. “But let’s be honest: toll booths are there for payments and not for parking!” Electric car drivers have to pay fines in Stuttgart for “violations” at the charging station..

Consumers call the combustion engine “a marvel of mechanical technology” – but its days are numbered

It is not surprising that switching from a car with a combustion engine to an electric car – and also from an electric car back to a combustion engine – initially takes some getting used to. In a group, other users can find something from both types of drive. “Okay, I’ll drive mine [VW] t6 such as and [Hyundai] ioniq 5,” writes one. “If sometimes I still need to drive a car with a combustion engine, I have two feelings,” explains another user. “Firstly, isn’t the combustion engine that bad (if it’s a slightly better car) and secondly, what ‘mechanical engineering marvel’ of starting a car is a combustion engine?”

With the European Union’s decision to only allow new climate-neutral cars from 2035, the days of conventional combustion engines are numbered anyway. Porsche However, at the end of 2022, it started to develop e-fuels that can be used to run combustion engines in a non-climatic way. In addition to switching from a combustion engine to an electric car – or vice versa – there is sometimes a big difference when switching to another product. Turn on A VW driver drove a Tesla for the first time and loved ita Tesla fans, on the other hand, switched to the German electric car and said they didn’t regret it.